Navigating Your Wedding Catering Options 

Weddings are all about making decisions. Once you think you’ve chosen everything, something else will inevitably pop up. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is about your wedding catering options.

The food at your wedding will be remembered, just like your dress and your first dance. While this doesn’t mean you need to blow the budget on a five-course meal, it does mean you need to make informed choices about what suits you and your wedding theme.

What Are Your Wedding Catering Options?

First up, you need to learn about the three types of caterers. They are:

  1. In-house Caterer – they will be the caterer who always works onsite at your wedding venue. Some venues insist you hire their in-house caterer, others don’t, so make sure you know which one before you book!
  2. Preferred Caterer – some venues will have a list of caterers to choose from for you to use at their venue. It’s rare that you can choose someone not on the list without a penalty.
  3. Outside Caterer – this is a caterer not associated with your venue who is happy to work on site or bring food already prepared to site.

Next you need to think about how you would like the food served. A lot of this depends on the style or theme of your wedding. A formal wedding suits a sit-down dinner, while a casual beach wedding is more finger food style.

Making the Right Wedding Food Choice

Unless you have a never-ending budget, you will need to consider the cost of your food and service. Here are a few of your options, along with a general price guide, from ‘$’ which is cheap to ‘$$$$’ which is expensive:

  • High Tea – a relatively formal afternoon tea, mostly finger foods. Price $$
  • Plated Dinner – very formal, sit down three course set menu meal. Price $$$$
  • Buffet – can be used at formal and informal weddings. Price varies from $$$ to $$$$
  • Platters – either served to your guests as they mingle or placed onto tables. Price $$
  • Canapes or Nibbles – usually served by roaming wait staff, these can vary in price and formality depending on the menu you pick. Price $ to $$$

It is important to include the type of catering you will have at your reception on your invitations. This avoids any confusion or embarrassment for both you and your guests. It lets them get an good idea about the quantity of food they can expect to eat, letting them make appropriate food choices before attending. Be My Guest has many stunning wedding invitations which have spots perfect for all your invitation wording. So, make sure you head over to check out their large customisable wedding invitation range!

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