Do You Need a Weather Wedding Backup Plan? 

It’s like rain, on your wedding day …. Or sun, or wind or even snow! Is it important to have a weather wedding backup plan? Is the weather before and on your wedding day something you even need to worry about?

Some brides dream of getting married under a cloudless blue sky, picturing their wedding photos on a beach with a smooth ocean background. Others are not concerned as their entire ceremony and reception are indoors. But like everything wedding related, it’s best to be prepared for all contingencies. Let’s discuss how you can create a backup plan for your wedding.

How to Create a Weather Wedding Backup Plan

While you can plan our wedding down to the smallest detail, something you can’t control is the weather. Sure, you can get a reasonably good idea of what it’s going to be depending on the location and time of year it will be in. But the weather on the day may have a different idea!

The best way of managing Mother Nature is to devise a plan just in case. To stop the weather casting a shadow over your wedding, you can:

  1. Organise a marque – a wedding tent or marque is an affordable way of helping shelter guests from the elements. Having one at your ceremony or reception venue doesn’t mean you need to use it, but it is there just in case.
  2. Work with your photographer – have two locations for your photo shoots, then if the weather isn’t great, you have another venue you’re happy with. Make sure you visit both locations with your photographer beforehand though.
  3. Keep everyone informed – if everyone knows what’s happening, there is much less stress on you! Letting guests know about alternate weather venues can be done on their invitations, with a note to check your website or Facebook page on the day for confirmation. You can delegate the job of posting that information on the day to your maid of honour.
  4. Stockpile umbrellas – umbrellas can look amazing in wedding photos! For the bridal party, choose colours which will co-ordinate with your theme. For your guests, anything goes.
  5. Invest in wedding insurance – relatively new in New Zealand, wedding insurance can help you recoup your costs if the worst happens. For instance, you will still need to pay for your outdoor ceremony location even if you move it inside. By organising wedding insurance, you may be able to get some of your costs back.

Be prepared is a motto every bride should take to heart. Make sure you read our article Rain On Your Wedding Day – Wet Weather Planning, for additional inspiration for your wedding planning too.

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