Off the Rack or Couture Wedding Dress?

On your wedding day, will you wear an off the rack or a couture wedding dress? It’s one of the first decisions a bride to be makes and one which will start her down the road to finding her dream dress. There’s a lot to consider as to the wedding gown type suits you best, so we’ve asked wedding designer Natasha from Beau Couture to help us explain things for you.

Pros & Cons of Choosing an Off the Rack & a Couture Wedding Dress

Before you start looking for your dream gown, you need to decide whether a pre-designed or custom designed wedding dress is right for you. To do that, it helps to know all the facts about them first. Natasha’s experience in handmaking and designing wedding gowns has helped her share the pros and cons of both options with us.

Pros of an Off the Rack Wedding Dress

  • you can try many different styles
  • lower price point
  • a wide option of designers
  • can be tailored to fit you

Cons of an Off the Rack Wedding Dress

  • you must choose between what’s available
  • limited size options
  • limited fabric & colour options

Pros of a Couture Wedding Dress

  • No style limitations
  • You can have input in all decisions
  • You can select the fabric & colours
  • Unique dress
  • Fitted to your body shape and size

Cons of a Couture Wedding Dress

  • Must be made for you, which takes time
  • More fittings required
  • Unable to try on different styles
  • Higher price point

For a truly unique dress of your dreams, we recommend working with a couture wedding gown designer, which we will discuss next.

Working with a Couture Wedding Gown Designer

Dunedin’s couture wedding dress designer Natasha of Beau Couture custom designs and sews gowns for brides from around the Otago and surrounding areas. She begins the design process by meeting with a bride to learn about her vision for her gown. Design sketches are created and this then moves on to the creation of the pattern. Fittings take place to ensure your gown is perfect and any required changes are made during the process.

If you would like to learn more about having a couture wedding gown created for you, please contact Natasha. She’ll love to hear from you!

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