One special reason to keep your bridesmaid dress (even if you won’t wear it again)

As much as our beloved brides would have us believe it, there’s plenty of bridesmaid dresses that are worn for the wedding, then relegated to the closet, never to be seen again.  When I was Maid of Honour for my lovely bestie Lisa, she didn’t want the dress back, and I never had the opportunity come by to wear it again.

bridesmaid dress As a Pinterest fanatic, it was only a couple of months after the wedding that I saw an amazing idea! The pin suggested making your bridesmaid dress into a baby quilt for your bride, to gift to them at their baby shower. I LOVED this idea! Through multiple closet cleanouts, size changes and requests for dresses, I held onto the pretty purple dress with this idea in mind.

When Lisa announced she was expecting, she was due around 5 years after the wedding. Probably the longest I’ve planned anything. Yet I no longer have a sewing machine set up, the time to sew, or the energy after running round after a nearly 4 year old.  I debated finding someone to make the quilt for me, but I knew it wasn’t the right fabric for a quilt (having made a few in years gone by) and I just wasn’t convinced.

Then Lisa had her baby GIRL! And inspiration struck!

A beautiful special occasion dress for a beautiful and special wee girl! Using the fabric and retaining a sense of the style I wore on the day her parents got married. YES!

The idea I had in my head was well above my skill level, so I turned to Beau-Couture, who produced something that far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait till this special wee girl is big enough to wear this special gift.

This idea could totally be adapted to make a special dress for your wee one with your wedding dress too. Check out our post on different ways of repurposing your wedding gown for more ideas.

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