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I’ve mentioned before that looking for bridesmaid dresses stressed me the hell out. There wasn’t a ton of online shops about when I got hitched, and my attempt at online bridesmaid dress shopping was a disaster – my “pink” bridesmaid dresses from Trade Me were most definitely, incredibly PURPLE. So when the “where can I find bridesmaid dresses online?” question pops up in the Southern Bride community, I remember the months of hunting that I went through myself!

Today I’m going to list some of the places that get recommended every time this question pops up in the group, and give you a few tips for shopping online to ensure you get a bridesmaid dress worthy of your wedding.


Tips for buying your Bridesmaid Dresses online

Buying your bridesmaid dresses online can be really convenient- no traipsing through stores, the range is amazing, and you can do it from anywhere. Here are a few things to consider when you are buying online:

  • If you’re buying from overseas stores, you may be liable for GST/customs duties when they reach customs. If it’s over $400 NZD, you’ll need to pay the GST component when the parcel arrives (see Customs Service for more information). This means you’ll need to allow more money, and more time for these bigger ticket purchases.
  • Don’t forget the conversion rate! Overseas websites may not be in New Zealand dollars which can make prices look more appealing than they really are. Be sure to work out what it’s going to cost in New Zealand dollars, including currency conversion charges, before you buy.
  • Sizing can be dicey. When I was bridesmaid for my friend Lisa, I was borderline size 10, but we went with a size 12. Thank goodness I did – it was a pretty tight fit! At least if it’s too big you can get it taken in. If it’s too small, you may end up having to buy another one (or sending the too-small one back, if you’re able to).
  • Is it a reputable website? There’s a few (quite a few!) dodgy websites out there. They rip off other people’s photos and put them up on their websites. See the BuzzFeed articles on this very topic, here and here. In particular, note this warning:

Bolstered by stolen images, aggressive ads, and images of security certificates from places like PayPal and Norton Security, the sites regularly sucker consumers into buying clothing straight from China — and it often bears little resemblance to pictures they saw online.

If and when the garments finally arrive, shoppers say they’re frequently small enough to fit children, their color is off, and they are made from flimsy materials. Sometimes they smell like chemicals. Customer service, typically located in China, is barely reachable, especially when it comes to returns and refunds. – Say No to the Dress, BuzzFeed

So now I’ve scared you into sticking to some reputable online shops, where should you go? The list below has been compiled by the brides in the Southern Bride Community. If you have one you’ve personally used and would recommend, leave a note in the comments.

Where to buy plus size bridesmaid dresses?

Some of the shops below do list plus size bridesmaid dresses, but I’d also recommend checking out the list compiled by Auckland blogger This is Meagan Kerr.

Recommended Online Shops for Bridesmaid Dresses

Infinity Dresses

Infinity dresses are an awesome bridesmaid dress option, as you are able to create a heap of different styles with the one dress. The straps can be adjusted and changed to create different looks – so your bridesmaids can have an outfit that suits them perfectly.

The Daintyard

Image The Daityard – Etsy

The Daintyard sells more than 35 colours, in short and maxi lengths. They also have plus size options. Free fabric swatches are available too, so you can ensure the colour you’re after will be what you’re expecting. Costs around $50 – $80 each depending on length & exchange rate.

online bridesmaid dresses from etsy
Image The Daintyard – Etsy

The Peppy Studio

turquoise bridesmaid dress nz
Image The Peppy Studio – Etsy

The Peppy Studio is another infinity dress designer, with 26 colours available. They have Floor Length, Knee Length (Asymmetrical or Straight Hem) and a Junior Length, plus they do supply relatively cheap sample swatches of fabric also.

infinity bridesmaid dresses online nz
The Peppy Studio – Etsy


Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are opting for a traditional style of bridesmaid dress, then check out these online stores.


Image Kilt
Image Kilt

To say I am a KILT fan is an understatement – I have an addiction.  Top of my list for being New Zealand made, Kilt’s bridesmaid dresses are made to order – but plenty of their standard ready-made range are perfect for bridesmaids as well. Many of their designs can be worn in multiple ways, allowing your bridesmaids to wear the same dress in a way that suits their body shape.

Worried about buying online? They’ve got stores throughout NZ – plus Kilt Ponsonby and Dunedin have special “KILT Fancy boutiques” upstairs with bridesmaid dresses, and the super friendly store stylists can take after hours bookings for bridesmaid groups as well. Here’s more thoughts on choosing New Zealand made.

Tulle and Chantilly

Image Tulle & Chantilly
Image Tulle & Chantilly

Tulle & Chantilly have a wide range of colours and styles available on their website. You can also order fabric samples. They are based in the US and so you’ll need to factor in that when considering the price (USD) and a good amount of time for shipping.

Image Tulle & Chantilly
Image Tulle & Chantilly

Candela Bridal

Candela Bridal is based in New Zealand and has a wide selection of colours, styles and sizes. Rather than an online shop, you message the Facebook page with your requirements.

Image Candela Bridal
Image Candela Bridal


Church Lane

Image Church Lane
Image Church Lane

Another New Zealand based online store, they have a wide range of pretty dresses at not-horrendous prices! My only concern would be a bit short for long legged lasses like me – you need a little length for bridesmaid dresses, as they’ll be bending down to pick up your train etc and we don’t want any flashes!

Bella Bridesmaids

Bella Bridesmaids is based in New Zealand also, and has a decent-sized collection of bridesmaid dresses, sorted by colour and they’ve got discounted rates for larger wedding parties.

Bella Bridesmaids
Bella Bridesmaids


Dessy has a great range of bridesmaid dresses, including plus-sized bridesmaid dresses. As well as a great range of traditional dresses, they also have some designs that are a little different.
Special Order Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress LR178


Australian-based Review has a wide selection of vintage inspired dresses.  I tossed up about classing Review as a traditional bridesmaid dress vs the “little bit different” category below, but I decided since the bulk of the dresses would be wedding-worthy, it was worth popping them in here.  Shipping is 5-10 working days and only $10 which is fair.

As well as being online, Review has a store in Auckland (Westfield St Lukes), so you can pop in there if you’re local and worried about size.

Image Review
Image Review

For Her and For Him

For her and for him have free swatches, regular promotions giving free worldwide shipping, and give discounts for purchasing multiple dresses – so a big win for bridesmaid dress bargains! I love their collection of sequin dresses. They come in 20 colours so there’s something sparkly for everyone.

Image For Her and For Him
Image For Her and For Him


BHLDN has a pretty extensive range of bridesmaid dresses online – you’ll also find them to be pretty expensive too. But they are oh-so-pretty! I’d go here if you were looking for a wedding dress that’s a little bit different too. Make sure you change the currency to NZD when you go on the site – it’s a bit of a jump from the default USD.

Brinkley Bridesmaid Dress - Teal

Something a little different

If you’re looking for something that’s not so strictly “bridesmaid” then there are a few options out there for you. The advantage of buying something that’s less bridesmaid-y is that chances are, your bridesmaids will wear it again. have a large selection of dresses – many of them may be a little short or revealing to serve as bridesmaid dresses, but there are some beautiful outfits there and if you trawl through you’re bound to find something. They have a great search function which allows you to filter by colour, size and style, so you shouldn’t find yourself trawling through the website for too long. They also do free shipping to NZ if you spend $40 – if you’re buying a couple of dresses, I think you can manage it!



boohoo bridesmaid dresses
Image via

The pattern on the dress above has a little of a sunflower vibe to it, without being too graphic. The length is spot on too, perfect of a summer garden wedding (but maybe swap out the stilettos for a wedge if your girls are going on grass).

modern bridesmaid in blush
Image via

This sweet pink number has a lovely vintage feel to it. Again, a lovely length and a dress that your bridesmaids can wear again & again.

Image via

I LOVE this one! Elegant but sweet and romantic. Reminds me of one of Carrie’s outfits from Sex in the City.

Image via

If you’re keen to jump on the bridesmaids-in-white trend, then this is your number! It’s white without screaming bride – just don’t pick this up to wear to a wedding if you’re a guest. There’s also a black version if you love the style but don’t want to go white.

Image via

I’ve saved my favourite till last, this blush pink full length dress is beautiful! This dusky shade is right on trend for wedding stationery at the moment and it just has a lovely, romantic feel to it.

The Iconic

Image The Iconic
Image The Iconic

The Iconic has a wide range of dresses suitable for a bridesmaid (but not too bridesmaid-y if you get my drift).  They have 100-day free returns, lots of photos and a great search function too.

Floor-length Bridesmaid Dress - Ruby A-line Straps
Lightinthebox is suggested every. single. damn. time. the question comes up, so I feel like I can’t not add them to this list.  Make sure to change the currency from USD so you get an idea of costs.

Any further recommendations for where you can get bridesmaid dresses online?

Have you found a great place for bridesmaid dresses online? Comment below with your favourite online stores and I’ll add them to this post (I always check out the website to see if it’s legit first).

online bridesmaid dress shopping tips

11 thoughts on “Online Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

  1. Hi
    I am looking to buy an infinity dress full length in black and need it in a week. Do you have nay in stock?

  2. I’ve ordered off Boohoo before and found the quality to be poor.

    I have also ordered off ASOS and it’s still in the same money range, but slightly better quality.

    If I had to choose between Boohoo and ASOS I’d go with ASOS.

  3. We have just ordered a bridal dress from They were absolutely fantastic and the dress arrived in a week from time of ordering and is made beautifully, fitted perfectly as well. They have simple but affordable dresses. You can get bridesmaids dresses on this site too. The communication with us was 100% and sent samples etc for us to see too. I would highly recommend them!

  4. I just want to add light in the box they sell everything bridal. I got my wedding dress from them and they had wedding dresses brides maids flower girl mother of the bride shoes accessories thank you gifts and even non wedding related items. I loved my dress it was exactly how it looked on the website and was cheap. It is based in America so it took 4 weeks for a custom fit dress and then when it arrived I had to get it taken in but that wasnt too bad

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