Using Pinterest for wedding planning: tips to avoid overwhelm

pinterest for wedding planning

The world is at your fingertips. You no longer have to rely on wedding magazines to find your wedding inspiration – as the internet opens up a world of opportunity and inspiration.  In particular, Pinterest has become THE place to go for party inspiration, wedding planning and DIY ideas. I should know – I’m an addict too. However there is a darker side to all this inspiration, and rather than making wedding planning easier, it can make things harder for you. So today I’m covering off some tips to making Pinterest work for your wedding planning, without overwhelming you.

1. It’s the execution that makes an idea successful

Pinterest is chocka full of incredible ideas. But they are just that – ideas. You still need to source, create and execute those ideas. Many of the successful pins on Pinterest have been professionally styled and photographed. The reality might not have the impact you expected – why else do they have These people do this for a job. Keep that in mind – as it can be really disheartening to spend a lot of time and money on a project for it to turn out looking like dirt.

2. It’s all in the editing

There are a LOT of ideas on Pinterest.  I have brides-to-be sending me tons of ideas, and most of the time they are very different – a traditional invitation, and then a rustic chalkboard style. Just because you like something, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it into your event.  The secret is to consider WHY you like the item – what element of the pin is appealing to you – is it the colour, layout, the overall look? Asking yourself why you like what you do is much more useful. True style is demonstrated by how you edit and incorporate your ideas, not how much you include. Make sure you develop a vision board to help stay on track.
creating a wedding vision board instructions

3. Have a break. Step away from the Pinterest!

Once you’ve collated your ideas and developed your theme – give yourself a break from Pinterest. The last thing you need is to log in and see ANOTHER great idea, or BETTER idea (in your head!).  New ideas will cause you stress and you’ll second guess yourself. So don’t do it! Step away from the Pinterest!  Please, make your event your own. That’s what makes it awesome, authentic and truly stylish.

Have you got a Pinterest problem?

Are you on Pinterest? Let me know your username in the comments below, I’d love to stalk you 🙂

11 thoughts on “Using Pinterest for wedding planning: tips to avoid overwhelm

  1. It’s addictive! My sister and I started using it to plan her engagement party. Then used it again for her wedding. And now I am using it to plan her first baby shower! Lol. Plus I’ve also used it for Mother’s/Father’s Day activities for kids at school and just about anything else in between!

    1. Yes I even have loaded the app onto my husbands iPad so if I need to use his for whatever reason, I can browse 🙂

  2. Pinterest no matter the topic is beyond amazing and it’s safe to say I’m totally adicted. It’s hard to think what we did before Pinterest!!
    I use it a lot for my blog and most recently planning my little sister baby shower, it really gets your creativity flowing.

  3. I definitely have a Pinterest problem. I didn’t even really think I wanted to get married until I started stalking Pinterest!! Now I’ve got the whole damn thing planned out, just gotta get engaged first. Hahahaha! Love this post though, you raised a lot of good points! oxoxo
    Btw, my pinterest is

  4. Amanda, I wish this post had been around when I got married! I had to talk my way through this whole process and it would have been great to have some advice! Great job! xo

    1. It’s so hard doing it “blind” Annéka huh! I didn’t have Pinterest for my wedding either, and it was a struggle to get my vision across to my vendors x

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