Planning a Disney Themed Wedding in New Zealand

Is there anything better than a Disney themed wedding? Possibly, but if you’ve been dreaming of one ever since you were a little girl, we’re about to make your dreams come true. While you could head over to Disney World or Disneyland to get married, we’ll show you how you can have a Disney themed wedding a lot closer to home.

What is a Disney Themed Wedding?

Picture this: a castle backdrop, you in a princess style ball gown and Prince Charming is by your side. Baby pink and gold decorations span your reception room, your bouquet is long and traditional, and characters pop out at varying times. You arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, there are flowers everywhere and at the end of the evening, you share a kiss with your husband as fireworks explode above you …

A Disney themed wedding is all about being inspired by your favourite fairy tales and picking bits of them to interweave with one another. You could have Beauty and the Beast inspired rose table decorations, an Alice in Wonderland ‘Drink Me’ afternoon tea and Snow White images painted onto your wedding shoes. There are no limits to what you could do, if your ideas work well together.

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Tips on Planning Your Disney Themed Wedding

Just like any other wedding, there are decisions to be made, including:

  • Venue – there’s a shortage of castles in NZ, so you may need to rethink your ideas here. Perhaps you could decorate the inside of the venue to resemble a castle, such as draping fabric over the walls and ceiling instead. But not all Disney princesses lived in a castle, such as Ariel who lived under the sea, or Snow White, who spent most of her time in the woods.
  • Wedding dress – you could get inspired by checking out the dresses the Disney princesses wore and incorporate parts for your own dress. An overall theme is the big ball gown skirt though.
  • Décor – here’s where you can get the most creative. If you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse, have him lead the way for your choice of decorations. A red, white and black theme anyone?
  • Stationery – unless you purchase directly from Disney, you’re not going to find true (and legal) Disney themed wedding invitations. Disney owns copyright on all their images, meaning to use them without permission can get you in a heap of trouble. Instead, you can take creative license here, and choose wedding invitations which contain other aspects of your theme. Colours, ribbon, lace, glitter and regal style graphics would work well here.

Now you’re ready to start planning and live happily ever after, remember to check out our hand selected Southern Bride verified vendors who are only too willing to help bring your dreams to reality.


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