Omakau Commercial Hotel – Central Otago Wedding Venue

Located just metres from the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Omakau Commercial Hotel was built in 1898 by William Leask as Omakau’s first homestead then accommodation house for weary travellers.

It is now an ideal stop for the new type of traveller that passes through Omakau –Rail Trailers, Curling and Fishing Enthusiasts,  and visitors to the Central Otago area who can explore the area using the hotel as their base.

Located at the back of the Hotel, are the original schist stables which were built around 1880 to house Mr Leask’s horses when he farmed the land the hotel now stands on.  You may have already seen them without knowing – this is where Speight’s filmed their “Good On Ya Mate” adverts – the most memorable being “The Two Tickets to the Ball.  Now called McKinnons, this lovely building is available for functions, and is open during the day for you to come and enjoy some of Central’s original history.

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McKinnons Stables

This lovely schist and stone building is one of the originals in Omakau.  It is located directly behind the hotel, and bikes are securely stored in one of the stalls which used to house transport of a different kind once upon a time!  Believed to have been built in the late 1880’s by Mr William Leask (who built the hotel as his homestead in 1898), this was originally built to house his work horses, and the other half of the building was his shearing shed.  William built the stables on his 200 odd acres he was farming at the time, but lived across the river at Blacks and couldn’t get his horses back home when the river flooded – hence, to our good fortune, the construction of the stables.

Steeped in history, McKinnons was named as a result of the Speights advertisements that were filmed there – you may have already seen it without knowing.  The most popular one was the “Good On Ya Mate” – Two Tickets to the Ball.

McKinnons is full of memorabilia from the era of yesteryear and is open every day for viewing – don’t forget to bring your camera!  It is a great photo opportunity both inside (behind the bar of course!) and out.

McKinnons is also the perfect and unique location for those special functions and intimate weddings. Private and secluded, the atmosphere and ambience is something quite special and certainly makes it a night to be remembered.  Our chefs compliment the evening with their menu choices.  If you would like to enquire about a function or a conference in McKinnons, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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