Oxford Street Caravan Bar

The Oxford Street Caravan Bar is Dunedin’s best kept wedding secret. This gorgeous caravan travels throughout the South Island, serving drinks for weddings and special events. 

Ash has owned the Oxford Street Caravan Bar for 3 years, and enjoys every wedding season “I meet so many beautiful people and I love the work, to the point where it doesn’t feel like work.  I love being a part of someone’s wedding day, it just makes me so happy knowing that the bride and groom can rely on me to have the bar sorted for them on their special day.”  Ash is a bubbly, social person, and “having this small business is the perfect outlet I need to satisfy my love of meeting new people and being creative whilst also helping someone create a magical event”. 

Her experience lies in creative pursuits, from working as a product designer in an Architecture Office and previously as a hairdresser in Sydney. The creative flair shines through for her clients,” I change the caravan styling for every wedding we do, we create something new. The more weddings I do the more I realise that this bar creates the best vibe and it is always at the heart of every party”.


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