Still Waters Photography – Wedding Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer is kind of like picking a soul mate. You have to want them around on one of the biggest days of your life, feel comfortable pulling silly faces in front of them, be willing to cry when they are around, and you have to be able to let yourself go so they can capture images that truly represent you are as a couple.

Lucky for you, weddings are my thing!! The ones that end up being my favourite are the ones where I am capturing people on the same wave length as me. I like to call these people “my people”. I will also often refer to them as “my bride, my couple, or the coolest people around”.




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So… here’s some of my strengths and what I promise to bring to the table in our photographic relationship…

~ A great sense of humour, and the odd dirty joke to keep the groomsmen amused.
~ A level head and great time management skills so we are where we need to be, when we are meant to be there.
~ An Events Management background to help you out with ANY wedding questions you might have.
~ A Psychology degree to help wrangle any wayward guests, mothers of the bride, drunk uncles, and/or family members who don’t want to smile in the groups photos.
~ A great sense of style, but high possibility of shooting in bare feet. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about having no shoes on that makes me shoot better. Obviously shoes and churches/receptions go hand in hand though.
~ A photographic style that is timeless and romantic, yet at the same time fresh and incredibly fun.

I also enjoy a great bottle of cider, massive amounts of cheese, people who laugh freely and often, that last hour of beautiful golden light in the evening, friends who turn into family, and dirty big slap you in the face gorgeous love between two souls that perfectly fit together.

So, if you feel like you guys could be my kind of people, and don’t mind possibly gaining a new BFF for life, then let me know and let’s get this party started!!!

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