Posting wedding invitations and thank you cards is getting expensive

A small, but often overlooked, wedding budget item is postage. If you’re sending Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and Thank you cards – do the math, it quickly adds up. Unfortunately, as of 1 July 2018, this bit of your budget is going to get bigger, as NZ Post has announced postage is going up (again) which means posting your wedding invitations is going to get more expensive. Boo!

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. NZ Post is struggling to keep afloat with falling mail volumes. It’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow for us paper-fiends though. I LOVE sending cards and letters in the post, but you do start to weigh up if it’s worth it when it’s getting increasingly expensive.

How much does it cost to post a wedding invitation?

The price varies depending on the size of the wedding invitation, and I always recommend picking something that uses one stamp. That means you need to ensure your wedding invitation, all packaged and ready to send in its envelope, fits within the “Medium Letter” size (130 x 235mm with a thickness of 6mm).

All the information has been sourced from NZ Post’s official website here, so if you’re wanting to verify anything, check it out.

Domestic Letters – Standard Post

  • Medium Size (130 x 235mm) currently 1.00c – going to $1.20
  • Large Size (165 x 235mm) currently $2.00 – going to $2.40
  • Oversize (260 x 285mm) currently 3.00 – going to $3.60

International Letters are going up as well, but there’s such a variety it’s best to check directly on NZ Post’s website.

If you’re inviting a few people, and/or using a chunky wedding invite, it really starts to add up when each invites needs 2 stamps ($2.40).

How can I save on posting wedding invitations and thank you cards?

So, all hope is not lost with these price increases, as we’ve been given advance notice by NZ Post. I recommend estimating the number of stamps you are going to need for your wedding invitations, thank you cards etc. Then purchase these as KiwiStamps before 1 July 2018. That way you are purchasing them at the 1.00c price instead of the $1.20 price.

A Kiwistamp will always be worth the required postage to send a letter, on the day it is mailed. So you can buy your stamps for $1 each now, then use those stamps to post your invites post-1-July, and not have to pay extra.

nz post printable letter guide nz post letter guide

Is the price rise going to put you off sending snail mail?

In the scheme of things, a 20c price rise isn’t horrendous. But if you’re sending 100 invites, thank you cards and save the dates, that’s another $60 in postage.  Will you avoid mailing as many invites, or decide to hand deliver your invites with this price rise? I know I probably will.

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