Pre-Wedding Vacay: 7 Reasons to Take an Earlymoon

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a tad stressful, between finding a photographer, going on dress fittings and cake tastings, choosing the venue and more — all while trying to stay within your budget. In fact, according to a 2018 Zola survey, a staggering 71% of newlyweds admitted that planning their weddings was more stressful than finding a job or buying a home. The one thing you have to look forward to (aside from starting this exciting new chapter of your life, of course) is your honeymoon.

But many couples are opting to take a honeymoon before they even say their “I do’s,” and it makes sense when you consider all of the benefits. Some couples will choose to take an earlymoon in lieu of their honeymoon, while others will plan one in addition to a post-wedding trip. Either way, taking an early honeymoon, or “earlymoon,” presents the perfect opportunity to decompress with your spouse-to-be so you’re in the right mindset by the time you tie the knot.

Can’t wait until after the wedding to get away with your SO? Here are just some of the top reasons why you might want to take an earlymoon.

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  1. You’re Due for a Break

Given all of the headaches and hassles that come with negotiating with vendors, dealing with dramatic family members, and finding the right florist for the big day, you definitely deserve some quality time with your SO to unwind. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and sometimes, all it takes is a step back to gain a renewed perspective and attitude about the whole ordeal. Who knows? After unwinding in a beach hammock and soaking up some vitamin D, you may feel rejuvenated enough to tackle all of your wedding planning tasks even more effectively.

  1. You’ll Catch up on Sleep

Odds are, you and your spouse-to-be could definitely use a little more sleep than you’re getting. With so much to accomplish, it can be tough to know when to put the wedding planning to rest and just allow yourself to relax. An earlymoon might force you to catch up on that much-needed shuteye. And once you’re feeling more well rested, you’ll actually have more energy to cross off whatever is left on your to-do list. In other words, taking an earlymoon might actually make you more productive. How’s that for an excuse to get away before the big day?

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  1. Your Partner Gets a Sneak Peek of the Lingerie

Let’s face it. You’re super eager to show off that stunning bridal lingerie, and you honestly don’t think you can wait until your wedding day. An earlymoon provides the perfect chance to stun your future spouse with some jaw-dropping unmentionables, whether it’s a sleek bodysuit that hugs your curves in all the right places or an elegant lace bra and panty set with eye-catching accents. In fact, an earlymoon offers up an excuse to invest in some extra luxe pieces of lingerie so that your wedding day look is still a total surprise.

  1. You’re Reminded of Why You’re Getting Married

With all of the madness involved in wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in sweating the small stuff — like whether you need a gluten-free cake option or how to find bowties for the groomsmen that will coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses. You might have forgotten what truly matters — which is why you’re having this wedding in the first place. On an earlymoon, you’ll have the chance to rediscover all of the things you and your S.O. love about each other. That means you’ll have an even stronger bond by the time you’re pronounced husband and wife.

  1. You Get Inspiration for Your Next Trip

Have you and your spouse-to-be been dying to explore Europe together? Are you torn between two different islands for your honeymoon? Whether or not you’ll be taking a traditional honeymoon after the wedding, an earlymoon allows you to potentially check off a travel-related bucket list item while also narrowing down where you’d like to jet off to once things calm down after the wedding.

  1. It Doesn’t Have to Be Lavish

Having an earlymoon may sound super extravagant, but the truth is, you can make it work on any budget. If you’re hoping to plan an earlymoon in addition to another post-wedding honeymoon, then consider something a bit more laid-back, like a staycation at a hotel and spa in your own city, or a quick weekend getaway to a beach house in a town that’s driving distance from where you live. On the other hand, if you’re doing an earlymoon in lieu of a honeymoon (or you simply have the extra funds to burn), feel free to go all out with a week-long trip at a lavish resort. Besides, lots of hotels and resorts offer special earlymoon packages with plenty of perks, so you might as well take advantage of the discounts.

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  1. You Can Make It Your Own

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for the ideal earlymoon — you can personalize the experience based on your particular interests. So, if you and your spouse-to-be are thrill seekers, you can plot out a trip packed with adventurous activities to release some of those pre-wedding jitters. Or, if you and your significant other are feeling a bit frazzled these days, you might prefer a rejuvenating stay at a resort with an on-site spa, complete with couples’ massages and much-needed naps.

The truth is, you don’t need a good reason to take an earlymoon. If you and your SO feel like it might help you relax and reconnect before you embark on this new phase of life together, then that’s a sufficient excuse on its own to take advantage of this rising trend. Ultimately, an earlymoon may be just the getaway you need to ramp up the romance before you exchange your vows.


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