Reconsider your January wedding date

setting the wedding date - january warnings

January – a new year, a fresh start, and a great time to get married? If you’re setting a wedding date, and you’re considering a January wedding date, today’s blog post may make you pause to consider.

 A January wedding holds promise of lovely weather. But having your wedding in January – especially in the first half – can be a bit of a pain. Here’s why.

Some things to consider about setting a January wedding date

RSVPs are due at the busiest time of year

So I’n starting with the lamest reason but hear me out. Your guests should get their RSVPs to you no later than a month before the wedding. This month gives you plenty of time to chase down stragglers, get wedding stationery printed and posted, and give your caterers the final numbers – in theory. In practice, a January wedding will have a final RSVP date in December – the busiest time of year. So you’ll need to do a bit more hustling to get those names in.

People are on holiday… and that goes for your wedding vendors

 Sure, your wedding date may not be on a public holiday. But if you’re getting married around a public holiday, expect delays. Chistmas causes the worst delays. For example (popping my wedding stationery hat on now), my printing company closes down from 3 days before Christmas till the second week of January. That means time sensitive wedding stationery stuff has to be printed really early – like mid-December. Right when you’re still chasing up those RSVPs. Ugh.
Speaking of people being on holiday…

Your guests may have no (or little) leave left

If there’s any travelling involved for your guests, or you opt for a weekday wedding, be prepared that some guests will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for annual leave. That means you may miss out on having some guests being able to come, because their work won’t give them the time off, or they can’t afford unpaid leave. While we are on the topic of things people can’t afford..

Your guests have just maxed out their credit cards

 Along with guests who’ve just taken a big chunk of annual leave for the Christmas/New Year break, they’ve probably just spent up large with presents, holidays and travel typical expenses over this time. Cash is sparse and the stress of paying to attend a wedding (with travel, dressing themselves and a gift) may mean they’ll decline due to lack of funds.

Setting your wedding date

So if you’re setting your wedding date – it’s worth considering the wider implications of that wedding date. What do you think? Are you a January bride? Did you run into problems or was your wedding date perfect?

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