Thought of Having a Sand Ceremony at Your Wedding?

Often called the wedding or unity sand ceremony, this is a popular and meaningful ceremony for a wedding day. Symbolising the unity or coming together of two people and two families, we would like to help you plan yours.

Symbolising Your Union with a Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony involves you and your fiancé pouring sand into a single vessel. Each person has a different colour of sand, and when poured together, symbolises the lifelong commitment they are entering. The final vessel shows the mixing of the sand colours and is a beautiful keepsake to have.

First appearing as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony used during a Catholic wedding ceremony in the 1980s, a sand ceremony has no rules or must do traditions to follow. Some couples choose to collect sand from beaches they have visited or lived near as children, while others use coloured sand to match their wedding theme. In terms of the vessel the sand is poured in, some couples choose a family heirloom, but any clear glass vessel would work fine.

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Planning Your Wedding Sand Ceremony

If you have decided this is something you’d both like to do, be sure that you discuss this with your celebrant during your first meeting. As a sand ceremony occurs during the marriage ceremony itself, they will need to include it in the order of events and explain it to your guests.  Your celebrant can also help you to create wording for this part of the service, but unlike vows, there is no official wording to say. The sand ceremony itself usually happens in this order:

  • Celebrant introduces the ceremony and then gives the sand to the bride and groom
  • The groom pours his sand first into the display vessel
  • The bride follows and pours her sand in
  • If appropriate, other family members now pour their sand in
  • The couple pour their sand in together until finished
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You will also need to decide and organise:

  • Who will be pouring the sand – is it just the couple or will their parents be involved too?
  • Sand – where will you get your sand from? Are there any specific colours you want? 
  • Pouring containers – what will the two containers be that will hold the sand you will pour?
  • Display vessel – what container will you display the sand in?
  • Table – you will need a table or similar to hold the vessels before and during the sand ceremony
  • Afterwards – who will be responsible for collecting the display vessel afterwards and keep it safe? Who will clean up the table and other things used during the ceremony?

We have many wonderful celebrants that are Southern Bride Verified that we know would be honoured to help you perform a sand ceremony at your wedding- come find yours!

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