When do I have to send thank you notes?

when should you send your wedding thank you cardsThe wedding is over, you’re back from the honeymoon, and real life can start once again. But now all of the fallout that you cleverly avoided by escaping to your honeymoon is waiting for you, and the very first item on your list: the dreaded thank you notes.

“You’ve got a year to send thank you notes”

According to traditional etiquette, you have twelve months – that’s a whole year – in which to send your thank you cards. However, no guest that has bought you a very expensive and very thoughtful present wants to wait until your first wedding anniversary to finally get a thank you out of it. Instead, a caring couple should probably have sent thank you cards out within six months of the wedding. That gives you enough time to get a wedding photo back from the wedding photographer, acclimatise to your married life, and your friends and family don’t worry that you’ve forgotten them!

When should I start thinking about thank you cards?

No one likes extra hassle, so be proactive before the big day to make sure that everyone who comes as your guest can feel truly appreciated. To help yourself, while you are planning your wedding, make sure that you keep the addresses that you used for your wedding invitations. You can then easily send out your thank you cards without panicking that you’ve forgotten someone.
In fact, before your wedding is actually the perfect time to be thinking about your wedding thank you cards. Instead of having to do even more wedding-related admin after you have wed, why not order your thank you cards at the same time as your wedding invitations? That would mean that you could get them designed and printed at the same time, saving you time and money, as well as keeping the theme beautifully tied together. Here are some more tips on writing your thank you cards here.
when do I have to send thank you notes

What should I say on my wedding thank you cards?

I’ve got you covered – check out my templates and wording suggestions for thank you cards here.

10 thoughts on “When do I have to send thank you notes?

    1. Yep 6 months sounds crazy doesn’t it! There are some pretty in demand wedding photographers that take 4 months to get photos back though. (Note – a couple could ask the photographer to return one high-res photo for thank you cards to avoid holding up this process – lots don’t as they don’t want to bother the photog)

  1. Wow – who would wait 12 months?? This is a very handy guide for this quite touchy subject. Even for day to day life – when and how to send thank you cards. Most people I find don’t anymore – it’s now done via email or text. It’s a nicety in life that is fading out unfortunately. Keep up the thank you cards I say!!

    1. I know, 12 months is pretty rough huh. I’ve been to plenty of weddings where I didn’t get anything, so at least they’re sending something I guess?!

    1. The motivation levels are pretty low the more you procrastinate 🙂 Some couples want to put a wedding photo on the card so have to wait till the photographer has edited the photos – that doesn’t help 😉

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