Someone blue? The post-wedding blues.

post wedding blues
Your big day has been, you got hitched, and now…Well…Once upon a time, you’d be moving in with your new husband, and settling into your new home. But times have moved and it’s incredibly rare to find couples who don’t live together prior to marriage. People don’t tend to talk about the negative or sad side of getting married. That is, the post-wedding blues.

First comes love, then comes marriage – then comes the post-wedding blues?

When you actually get married, in reality, not a lot changes.  Add to that, if your wedding day wasn’t the dream you imagined (and let’s be honest, there’s always issues), or it went just too fast… you might find yourself at a bit of a loss.

Wedding dreaming and planning takes up a lot of time.  It’s normal, and common, to feel a bit disappointed with real life. My top tip for coping with those post-wedding blues – find something else to dream and plan about.

Now I’m not suggesting go out and get pregnant (unless that’s what you want!) but how about planning your honeymoon or a house renovation. Pick a new goal – run a marathon or raise money for a worthy charity. Relive your wedding day by putting together a wedding album, editing your wedding video, creating some wedding shadowboxes or attend to post-wedding admin by getting your dress drycleaned.

You will find these feelings will pass eventually (if they don’t, go visit your doc, mk?).  In the meantime take up a project like suggested above, get out and active (execise always lifts my mood!) and keep in touch with your friends.

Did you get the post-wedding blues?

Do you have any ideas or tips to share with things to keep yourself busy? If you’ve battled the post-wedding blues, I’d love to hear your perspective below. Remember you can stay anonymous (your email address is not available publicly).

8 thoughts on “Someone blue? The post-wedding blues.

  1. It’s been a very strange process planning our wedding (getting married in October this year), with lots falling into place in terms of booking the venues, celebrant, the cake/florist person (same person), getting the dress, the suit, and the photographer and makeup artist being friends. We’ve been together almost a decade, so it was originally going to be a quiet elopement ceremony with just immediate family, but as we started planning, we realised we’d actually like a proper wedding. We used to perform in a band together, so at first we came it with this mindset of “it’s like a gig, except we’re getting married and there’ll be food”, but now that it’s getting closer it’s feeling less like a gig, and more like this beautiful and intimate thing. We’re pretty relaxed about the whole thing, but I imagine as it gets closer to the day there’ll be a few emotional moments. I really liked your advice and will keep it mind post-wedding 🙂

  2. I love that you suggest having other goals, keeping active, and staying in contact with friends. I think these are important things to do both before and after the wedding (or any other big event), and they all go a long way toward helping us manage our expectations and maintain a positive, realistic perspective. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. You are so right! I think it helps me a lot to focus on a few goals at once, because that way, once you’ve achieved one of them, there’s not that huge gap.
    Great article!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. This is such great advice for coping with the post-wedding blues (or post-anything blues really) – finding something else to dream and plan about. Keep dreaming, keep planning, it’s the magic essence of life I think. And couples that dream and plan together, usually stay together too. Great post.

    1. Thanks Emma 🙂 Absolutely – couples need to have a common dream/vision. It’s all well and say, wanting to travel but if your partner prefers to save all the money to retire early then you might be in a bit of strife! Maybe coming up with a 5-year plan or writing a bucket list can be one of those “get-out-of-the-funk” tasks

  5. Planning my wedding was emotionally exhausting. You are trying to please everyone, whilst also trying to plan ‘that wedding of your dreams.’ I had a breakdown about 6 months prior because it became all too much. My Mum was happy to plan the wedding so I gave her the whole task and it was amazing. I am so happy that my Mum took over the planning. After the wedding, we made sure to give ourself a good amount of time to take off and release all the stress of the wedding.

    1. It’s bloody stressful! I think that it’s pretty common to have a bit of a breakdown in the lead up too – the “we-should-just-elope” stage!!

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