Stunning Wedding Floral Arrangement Ideas

There’s nothing more delightful than browsing through the many wedding floral arrangement ideas on Pinterest. The issue is though; there are so many to love that it’s hard to make any decisions about which ones you’ll have at your wedding!

We asked Dunedin wedding florist Evergreen Elegance for their favourite wedding flower ideas, and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

7 Gorgeous Wedding Floral Arrangement Ideas

7 Gorgeous Wedding Floral Arrangement Ideas

When someone mentions wedding flowers, it’s often the bridal bouquet which is first thought of. However, there are many other arrangements you can include too! Corrine at Evergreen Elegance loves creating bouquets and arrangements of all sizes and styles, with seven of her favourites being:

  1. Floral centerpieces – often used on the reception tables, floral centerpieces at weddings are a wonderful way of decorating your venue.
  2. Pew bows – ideal for both a church or an outdoor venue, floral pew bows can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.
  3. Floral backdrop – a floor to ceiling arrangement would look divine as the backdrop to where you stand for your ceremony! Alternatively, you could have it positioned behind the head table at your reception, or where guests enter your venue and pose for photos.
  4. Floating floral arrangements – getting married or having your reception around a pool or pond? Don’t forget to decorate it with a bed of floating moss, candles and delicate flower arrangements!
  5. Floral arches & pomanders – if you have space, a floral arch looks divine at the entrance to a church or reception venue. It could even be positioned at the front where you stand for your ceremony. We can’t think of anything more lovely than getting married under a rainbow archway! If you are short of space, hanging floral pomanders is another beautiful option, where you can position them over an altar, reception table or signing table.
  6. Floral table runner – who said table runners need to be made of fabric! Instead, ask your florist to create a showstopping piece you can position along a prominent table, such as the head table or altar at church! Stunning!
  7. Floral crowns – why not have some ‘walking’ flower arrangements? You and your bridal party could wear handmade crowns containing flowers which match your bouquets!

If you’re getting married in or around the Dunedin area, we strongly recommend you contact Corrine at Evergreen Elegance! Her head is packed with stunning wedding floral arrangement ideas, and her work is amazing!

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