Telling Guests You Are Postponing Your Wedding

There isn’t a how-to manual when it comes to postponing your wedding. It’s not something that features on a bride’s to-do list, nor in most bridal magazines. But life happens, and with life come circumstances that require the rescheduling of a wedding.

It can be very difficult to know what to do and say, but you’ll find most guests are appreciative of the efforts you make to let them know – and sympathetic with your decision to postpone. 

How to Tell Guests You’re Postponing Your Wedding

As soon as you know that your wedding date is changing, tell your guests. Some brides prefer to have a new date to be able to share, and that is perfectly fine too. Just make sure that if you are unable to quickly set a new date, that you let your guests know as soon as you can so they can cancel or change their plans.

Sending an email to guests letting them know you are postponing (and a reason if you feel this is appropriate) is perfectly acceptable. This can then be followed up by mailing a change the date card once the new date is set. Stick to your chosen wedding theme for this card to keep it all cohesive.

Suggestions for wording on your announcement card include:

  • In lieu of the current situation, we are changing our wedding date to …
  • Save our new date! We’ll send more details soon, but in the meantime …
  • We’ve changed our wedding date and can’t wait to celebrate with you then.
  • We hope your dancing shoes can wait a little longer; our wedding is postponed until …

Don’t forget to include the new date, time and other details on the announcement card too. 

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Your New Wedding To-Do List 

Depending on timing, you’ll either be able to book a new wedding date or not. With the huge amount of planning that went into organising for your original date, it wouldn’t be uncommon to need to tell guests a postponement is happening, but not have a new date to give them.

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If this is you, remember you’ll need to liaise with a number of people when rescheduling, including:

  • Your wedding party
  • Ceremony and reception venues
  • Wedding celebrant
  • Suppliers whom you are hiring from
  • Caterer
  • Wedding dress and suit providers
  • Hair and makeup
  • Honeymoon venue
  • Any accommodation that is booked
  • Cars and transport
  • Wedding insurer

While it is disappointing, postponing your wedding is something that you have decided is the best decision for you both. On your original wedding date, make sure you take the time to acknowledge this by doing something little with your fiancé. This could be a bottle of wine and a movie, a walk in the park or going out for a coffee. You’ve still got your big day to look forward to, and that’s what really counts.  

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