5 tips for writing your wedding thank you notes

Thank you cards are one of the non-negotiable bits of stationery required for a wedding. Your guests have given up their day, dressed to the nines, and probably bought you a generous gift. They may have even paid a lot of money to travel and stay in your wedding spot. The absolute least you can do is send them a thank you note.

Unfortunately, Thank You notes have a little bit of a reputation for being painful. As one of the last bits of wedding admin, the budget and your patience for yet another etiquette must-do can be wearing a little thin. So today I have a few tips to make writing your thank you cards a whole lot less painful:

Tips for writing thank you notes

  • Order your thank you notes with your wedding invitations. Once you’ve got your cards, you can write them as presents arrive, breaking up a mammoth job into something more manageable.
  • Give your guests something to remember your wedding by –  whether it’s just referencing what their gift means to you, or inserting something physical, like a group shot from the day, or a lovely picture of the guest from your wedding. With our thank you cards, we sent CD’s with the wedding photos on them and gave everyone one each.
  • If you’re getting mailing labels printed, get two sets printed. That way you don’t have to spend an age looking up addresses, and you’ve got them there, ready & waiting for the thank you cards.
  • When you receive a gift, jot details of the item onto the reverse of the greeting card.  Then you won’t have the awkward situation of having to guess what on earth Aunt Maude bought you.
  • You’ve got up to a year to get your thank you cards out – but try get them out within six months. Sending out a thank you card is better than not sending anything at all.

If you’re wondering what on early you say on your thank you cards, fret not – here are some wording templates for writing thank you cards.

Below are some pretty options – click on the image to find out more info on these thank you cards:

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