The secrets to getting a made-to-measure wedding dress

tips for getting your wedding dress made to measure

A Made To Measure Wedding Dress – Tips, Secrets and Advice from a Wedding Dress Designer

Today we have a guest post from Natasha, a Designer & Style Consultant at Beau. She’s got a ton of tips, secrets and advice to share about getting your wedding dress made to measure.  She specialises in Fashion and Couture, creating stunning garments to make women look and feel incredible. The Couture Label looks after brides after a bespoke gown, that’s unique to her.  Here’s her tips and advice.

Where to start with a made to measure wedding dress?

It does not need to be as daunting as it may first appear! Deep down you know your likes and dislikes and this instinct will fundamentally help you in your decision making process. Start by having some fun! Thumb through glossy magazines, flick through online images. But don’t be too precious- rip out the pages of all that you love and create a pile of inspiration. Here’s some advice on compiling a vision board.


How Will I Know What Wedding Dress Style Will Suit Me?

Seek advice from your Wedding Dress Designer. They will be able to guide you with expert knowledge and experience; understanding working with individual body shapes and combining this knowledge with style and colour choices influenced by your personality.


HOLD UP! How will I find A Wedding Dress Designer? Who Is Right For Me?

Lets back up a little. Finding the right Wedding Dress Designer for you is really important. This person needs to be able to listen to you and understand you. Good communication and understanding of one another will ensure that you will experience a memorable and enjoyable journey to discovering and creating your perfect dress.

Go for a coffee together, take time to show your Designer your pile of images. You should ‘Click!’ and enjoy the conversation you are having about dreaming, imagining and finding new inspiration for your dress. You feel that one step closer to creating your dress and you feel confident that the knowledge, expertise and vision your Designer has will guide you. If so… this person is the one to work with.

Here’s A Secret For You…As a Wedding Dress Designer I too feel that “Click!” I become aware early on in the conversation if I understand the Bride to be. I am engaged in her conversation, bright eyed enthusiasm and know I too am excited to help her to create a special and unique venture.

Check out the Southern Bride Verified Directory to help you find a Wedding Dress Designer near to you…and of course I would be delighted for you to contact me.


Is A Made To Measure Wedding Dress An Expensive Option?

Your Designer will be able to guide you though the likely costs of a made to measure dress. In my experience, having worked in bridal boutiques and now designing as an independent Designer, a made to measure dress can be price competitive and offer many other benefits.

It is worth remembering that despite the price tag on a boutique gown there are additional costs to consider for alterations and fittings. Many will charge a consultation fee for trying on gowns in the store so the more you visit the more money spent. Often communication is limited as dresses are largely made overseas before arriving in store shortly before your wedding date. [Editor note: An example for a bridesmaid dress I wore recently. It was purchased from a local wedding boutique for $400, and on top of that we were charged a $20 delivery fee per dress – it was delivered to the store and we still had to collect – then there was another $65 for alterations – to take in a little at the bust and to take an inch off the bottom seam.]

What Is The Process For A Made To Measure Wedding Dress?

The wonderful thing about choosing to have a bespoke dress made for you by a Wedding Dress Designer is that the process is also tailored to suit you. Working together around your other commitments and plans, you and your Designer can find time together for meetings about design, fabric choices and fittings. A relaxed schedule will be discussed to guide you though key dates. For example, your Designer will encourage you to find your shoes to compliment the dress by a certain date to enable them to take accurate finished length measurements for the dress.


How Long Will It Take To Make A Made To Measure Wedding Dress?

The journey you experience creating your made to measure dress could take a few months to a year depending on your first meeting with your Designer and the date of your wedding. You will be able to cherish different aspects of having a dress made for you with each meeting and fitting. If you’re not in a hurry its a once in a life time experience. So make it last and enjoy it!

Will I Be Able To Be Involved In The Design Of My Wedding Dress?

Working with a Designer you have piece of mind that you can call and ask questions at anytime. At your fingertips you have access to an industry specialist that will happily represent you and source the finest fabrics and components for your dress. Let only the sky be the limit!

Follow your dream.


More information on Natasha, Wedding Dress Designer

Hello! I’m Natasha, Designer and Style Consultant at Beau. I specialise in Fashion and Couture creating stunning garments designed for women to look and feel incredible. Our Couture Label looks after Brides looking for a bespoke gown unique to her. This made to measure service is a journey to treasure.

Take a look at our Fashion Label and explore our ready-to-wear garments to inspire you for your next event. We love to look after our customers and share our passion for textiles and style so make sure you point your guests including bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom in the right direction. We will also happily extend our custom made service to them too.

Visit Natasha at her Southern Bride Verified Listing

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