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Nothing is worse than staying up late to get a DIY done, eyeballs ready to drop out of your head… then you glance over at the pile of stuff left to do and it looks just as big as when you started. I hear you! Add in the stress of, I dunno, getting married in a few days – you really don’t want to be skipping sleep right about then. So any tips or tricks that can help your DIYs go a bit smoother would be helpful, right?


If you’re giving lolly jars as favours, or using tags as placenames (kind of like the photo below), one of the tasks you want to get out of the way is getting those tags on. It’s a fiddly job, and not one you want to leave till set-up day.


Most people cut the string to size and thread each tag on, one by one. This can be time consuming, and really fiddly (especially when you only want a short piece of twine).

Here’s my handy lifehack for how to speed up this process. You’re best to watch the video below to see how it’s done visually:

Make things faster for yourself by threading a few tags onto the string (or twine, ribbon etc!) at a time. Then pick up one tag, separate from the rest, pull the quantity of string you need through, and cut them off individually. Again – you’re best to watch the video above for a visual demonstration of how it’s done.

tutorial on how to thread tags with string quickly

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