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Tips for Having a Caravan Bar at Your Wedding

Fancy having a caravan bar serving drinks at your wedding? You’re not the only one! Caravan bars are quickly becoming a popular option for couples wanting something a bit different than a trestle table covered in drinks.

We asked our friends at the Oxford St Caravan Bar (who have an adorable caravan based in Dunedin, by the way) for some tips about using a caravan bar wedding service.

5 Tips on Using a Drink Serving Caravan Bar at Your Wedding

We’ll start by setting the record straight as to what we mean when talking about a caravan bar. It’s not one of those grungy old caravans with an electric hob and sofa that converts into a bed. Rather, it’s a retro and completely refurbished for purpose caravan. The Oxford St Caravan Bar has a large sink for ice displayed drinks, a beautiful wooden-framed serving window and a stunningly beautiful paint job!

Photography by Frankly Faye

If you choose a caravan to serve drinks from your wedding, remember that:

  • A caravan bar is not a liquor provider. You will need to provide your own alcoholic beverages. This can work in your advantage, as you are able to source your own alcohol at prices that work for you. Shopping around for specials and buying in bulk can really save you money. Keeping the range of drinks served to just a few makes things easy and helps keeps costs down.
Photography by Frankly Faye
  • Glassware is your responsibility – unless stated, it is your responsibility to arrange glassware for your bar. Reusing glasses cuts down on washing and water costs, as does drinking beer and cider in bottles. There are plenty of hire companies you can source glassware from, or you could spend a few weekends op-shopping for some yourself.
Photography by Frankly Faye
  • Access to power is not necessary – the caravan is able to serve and cool drinks without power thanks to lots of ice and chilly bins. If you are wanting warm drinks such as mulled wine, tea, coffee or have the caravan decorated with mains operated fairy lights, access to power is required.
  • Flat hard ground and access is required – it’s a bar on wheels, meaning your wedding venue needs to be caravan friendly. The Oxford St Bar Caravan requires a minimum of 5m x 2.5m of flat hard ground.
Photography by Frankly Faye
Photography by Frankly Faye
  • Liquor licenses are your responsibility – as most of these bars do not hold a license to sell alcohol, they cannot provide the alcohol. They can serve what you have provided though. You will also need to check if your venue requires a liquor license for the caravan to be there, and if needed, apply for one yourself. Your caravan provider should be able to guide you in the right direction, if necessary.

If you’re interested in learning more, we suggest visiting the Oxford St Caravan Bar’s website, whereby the way, there are some amazing photos of the caravan in action that we know you’ll fall in love with too!

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