Southern Bride Verified

Southern Bride has put together a team of awesome wedding professionals to help with their advice and opinions on the tough wedding planning stuff. This team is called Southern Bride Verified.

These folks contribute content to the website, and are on hand to answer the tough questions in the community.  They are also generally awesome people to hire for your big day. Southern Bride Verified status is a way for you to know the person (or company) you want to work with is trustworthy and professional.

Interested in joining the wedding professionals listed above?

We all know that your wedding day is a one-time thing. If someone stuffs up, they can’t offer to redo it, get it there the next day or offer a credit. That’s why I’m so fussy about who we recommended for wedding day services.

Southern Bride Verified members get to tap into our active community, social media and website to advertise and grow their own businesses. There’s plenty of perks about becoming Verified:

  1. You get to sponsor content on the website
  2. You can share your work within the private Facebook community
  3. There is a private Facebook community for Southern Bride Verified members to network with other professionals
  4. You’ll get a directory listing on the Southern Bride website
  5. badge for your website to acknowledge your verified status
  6. Exclusivity – only one specialty type per geographic area to avoid over saturation and ensure variety

Become Southern Bride Verified

If you are interested in learning more, please click here to find out more.