Wearing Something Old & Something New for Your Wedding – Superstition or Not?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. Plenty of superstition has surrounded a new bride and this traditional wedding rhyme is full of it! It’s been dated back to 1871 in the county of Lancashire and details what a bride should wear on her wedding day.

Is there any truth to it? Should you pay attention to old wedding traditions? Read on and find out …

Meaning of Something Old Something New Wedding Rhyme

Weddings are jammed packed full of tradition. In fact, from the moment you became engaged, you’ve most probably been asked all sorts of things. What are you borrowing? Are you having a hen’s party? Your Dad is giving you away, isn’t he? What church are you getting married in?

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You can thank the something old rhyme for one of those questions and way back when it was first written, there were specific reasons for each of those items.

  • Something old – an old item helped to keep your future baby safe from harm by protecting you from the Evil Eye which could render you infertile. Today an older item means continuity instead.
  • Something new – this item brings you optimism for the future
  • Something borrowed – traditionally this was a corset or under garment of a married woman who already had a child. It tricked the Evil Eye into thinking you were fertile. Nowadays this refers to happiness.
  • Something blue – the colour blue represented fidelity and protected against the Evil Eye. Today it represents love and purity, as well as fidelity.
  • Silver sixpence – a British custom, the sixpence in the bride’s shoe gives her something to make a wish for prosperity and good fortune. Surprisingly enough, it also helps protect against the Evil Eye!

What is your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

While it is nice to keep a tradition, don’t feel you absolutely have to. It’s up to you to decide if you believe in a wedding tradition based upon superstition or not. Wearing these four (or five) items on your wedding day might be something you’d like to do, whether you believe in them or not. If so, here are some modern takes on things you may like to wear:

  • Old – jewellery, wedding veil, garter or even that old silver sixpence
  • New – wedding dress, underwear, jewellery or makeup
  • Borrowed – a veil, a clutch purse, jewellery or shoes
  • Blue – a ribbon sewn into your dress, earrings or maybe even blue stitching on your veil or dress

We’d love to know your ideas about this wedding day tradition. Are you going to follow it or not? Let us know by commenting below!

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