Wedding BYO Alcohol Friendly Venue Traps to Beware Of

When it comes to alcohol, hiring a wedding BYO alcohol friendly venue sounds like a great idea. You can purchase your own alcohol in the quantities you will need. Plus, you can hunt around for the alcohol at the best prices too! But if you are considering using a wedding BYO alcohol friendly venue, there are a few traps to avoid falling in!

We chatted with Leah from Otago’s Encore Events for her advice.

Wedding BYO

Do I Need a Duty Manager? & Other Wedding BYO Questions Answered

As Dunedin event coordinator Leah has said, sometimes BYO isn’t always cheaper. An expert in helping couples organise their wedding day, Leah knows that some couples get costly surprises when it comes to wedding BYO. She’s written a blog which is well worth reading: Does Your Venue Require a Duty Manager. We suggest you take a read.

Other traps you will need to look out for are:

  • You may need a special license if you BYO alcohol and then plan to sell it to guests to recoup the costs. It’s also good manners to let guests know before your wedding if you are planning on doing this. Take a read of our article, Do I Need to Inform Guests It’s a Cash Bar Only? for details on how to do this.
  • If you have a special or liquor license, you will need to have a duty manager. Give Leah a call as this both the applying and complying with liquor licenses is something which Encore Event Coordination can help you with.
  • Miscalculating how much alcohol you will need. Take a read of our article Buying Alcohol for a BYO Wedding for tips on types and quantities to purchase beforehand.
  • Organising your glassware can be hard to manage. Will you hire it and how much will you need? If you do not have enough, how are you going to clean it? Will you be able to wash it before returning the glassware?
  • Some venues require couples who allow guests to BYO their alcohol provide security to keep both people and property safe.
  • Who will your bar staff be? They are required to follow the law in that intoxicated people cannot be served, shots must be measured accurately and only those above the legal drinking age are consuming alcohol.
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If you’d like to keep things fuss and stress-free, then leave worries about the bar with Encore Events. Contact Leah today and know you can relax and just enjoy your wedding without having to worry about all the details. Or come along to “A Practical Wedding Planning Evening” on Saturday, and hear Leah talk about how to select, and get the best out of your wedding vendors, plus how to prioritise your wedding budget.

Leah is also one of our Q & A Panelists at the event, so if you have any questions, you’ve got the opportunity to ask her advice in person on the night.

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