Wedding Cake Trends & Predictions

Wondering what the next wedding cake trends will be? If only we had a crystal ball and could see into the future. Just like choosing a wedding dress, we want our cakes to look gorgeous and fashionable on our wedding days. Long gone are the days of fruitcakes with rock hard icing. Today’s wedding cakes are very different and if these predictions are anything to go by, the future wedding cake trends look amazing.

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6 Stunning Wedding Cake Trends

There’s nothing quite like seeing the happy couple cut their wedding cake! When I look back on my wedding photos, I love seeing photos of our stunning cake, just like I love seeing the cakes of other couples too.

Here are some of my predictions when it comes to wedding cake trends:

Vibrant & Bold Colours

Just like modern wedding themes, brides are also happy to share their love of colour with their cake too!  This gorgeous black marble and gold leaf cake is by Williams and Co Kitchen Limited.

Some brides are even using their wedding cake as their ‘something blue’ which can look amazing! This three tiered blue ombre stunner from Sweet Bites Cakes looks too good to cut into!

Naked Cakes

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the elegant yet rustic look of a ‘naked’ cake is a true modern classic. This glorious three-tier naked cake featuring delicate baby’s breath and white roses is by Caked by Science.

Take the elegance up a notch with a small border of beading and the addition of some greenery, like on this example by Williams and Co Kitchen Limited.

Drip Cakes

We’ve all seen stunning cakes with chocolate icing dripping over the edge. Well, this trend is entering the wedding cake market now too and I couldn’t be happier! While you don’t have to use chocolate, a drip cake brings a whimsiness with it I can’t resist. This beautiful gold drip wedding cake is by The KU Cakery.

Watercolour Effect

Pale pastels are not just for the bridesmaids and wedding favours. Watercolour cakes are quickly becoming mainstream and cake designers are adding stunning touches of gold with great effect too. This beautiful cake from The Cake Eating Company features a tier decorated in delicate watercolour peony flowers. This beautiful illustration also features on Southern Bride Verified member Be My Guest’s wedding stationery too, if you want everything matching!

A wedding cake that’s not cake

Macaron tower cakes often look like they are defying gravity. Attached to either a cardboard or cake inner, the macarons can be designed in a pattern or colour which suits your wedding theme. There is often a large cake at the bottom which the tower rests upon. This tower stand available on Etsy allows you to pop a small cake for cutting on the top.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, why not a delicious cheesecake – of the fromage variety. Not only delicious but perfect for a health-conscious couple. This beautiful rounds of cheese, figs and honeycomb creation is from Good to Graze. Delicious!


Just like a wedding dress, your cake can have ruffles too! Many brides are choosing elaborate and lacy type icing decorations on their cakes. Rather than used as borders, these ruffles look like they are unfolding flower petals giving a lovely textured, rustic appearance. This part naked-cake, part ruffled-cake is from Just Jess Cake Co.

What do you think wedding cakes will look like in the future? I’m not going to go as far as saying we’ll have flying cakes, like the flying car predictions out there. But I will say that I think that there’ll be some stunning wedding cakes to look forward to seeing…and tasting.

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