Wedding Ceremony Seating Options

Chances are, you may be leaving your wedding ceremony seating up to the venue to organise. After all, it is their venue and they must know best about arranging the seating. Did you realise though, that as a couple, you actually have the option to request specific seating options? While your options will vary depending on the venue itself, there are plenty of different wedding ceremony seating variations you could pick from.

We talked with the team at Swell Event Hire, Dunedin’s wedding hire and stylist team, about their ideas on ceremony seating.

6 Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating Options

Traditionally, seating at a wedding ceremony has been in rows or pews, thanks to our history of church-based weddings. Today’s ceremonies though can take place in a wide variety of venues, which lead to options regarding guest seating. By providing seating for your guests, it makes it easier to spread guests out evenly. When people are standing, they tend to group inconsistently, which can lead to some people not being able to see or hear what’s happening, and unevenly balanced photos.

Swell Event Hire make it their goal to provide couples with a range of hire furniture including seating, which adds magic and sparkle to their special day. They can also help suggest seating options and positions for it, and we asked them to share five ideas with us today:

  1. Round – make yourself, even more, the centre of attention by positioning single chairs around a central platform in circular rows. Ideal for large outdoor venues.
  2. Half circle – also great for outdoor venues, a half-circle seating option provides a much more intimate feel with guests closer to the action, so to speak
  3. Facing – a great way of bringing two families together symbolically is to position two groups of seating directly opposite one another. With the vows occurring in the centre, both sides can watch each other as the ceremony takes place.
  4. Pews and pillows – Traditionally positioned pews allow for an aisle in the middle and a grand entrance by the bride. Pop kids at the ends of the rows so that parents can duck out quickly and easily if needed. The photographer would then be able to crop out any empty seats in the photos later on.
  5. Picnic rugs – having something casual for your ceremony? Who says guests even need traditional seating? Pop some colourful rugs and cushions on the ground, along with a few picnic baskets so guests can snack as they wait for you to arrive!

For more great wedding ceremony seating ideas and tips, we recommend getting in touch with the team at Swell Event Hire. They not only be able to assist with furniture hire for your ceremony and reception but also help you position it effectively too.

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