What’s the difference between a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator and a wedding stylist?


There’s a lot of terms out there that are specific to the wedding industry, and some of this jargon can mean quite a difference. So I asked Leah Stevens from Encore Event Coordination (our Southern Bride Verified Event Coordinator) this big question: What is the difference between a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Stylist?  Leah’s response is below.

A wedding coordinator:

A wedding coordinator’s main focus is the details on the day.  They will chat to you before your wedding, find out how much help you will need and tailor this to your budget. You make all the decisions and the coordinator will help bring all your ideas to life on the day, without you having to worry.  This allows you to get through your wedding day completely stress free, so you can enjoy the day with your family and guests.

They may help you organise some or all of the on-the-day elements, give you tips and offer advice depending on the package you choose.

Wedding coordinators will normally charge between $800-$3000.

A wedding planner:

A wedding planner will walk you through the whole process, be with you every step of the way and they will plan most details of your wedding. They will often deal with all vendors, handle all budget issues and track every part of the wedding for you.  This may include setting up the day-of elements, so there is some overlap between the role of a wedding planner and wedding coordinator.

Wedding planners will charge between $2000-$8000.

Wedding stylist

A wedding stylist will often work alongside a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. They tend to focus on the creative details of the day and know where to source bits and bobs to pull a specific look together. They are able to see the big design picture and work closely with vendors such as florist, stationery providers and hire companies.

A wedding stylist’s job is to create the overall look and feel that you are after but they won’t help you budget or make sure all timing is going to plan. Finding a company that is able to incorporate a stylist into you package is a major benefit but be aware this will increase the package budget by quite a bit as this can be a specialty service


Thanks for clarifying these separate roles Leah!  As you can see, each role varies depending on the wants and needs of the couple getting married. Some couples think that adding a wedding coordinator or wedding planner goes against their idea of a casual low-key approach.  But it actually allows you to be more casual and laid back – because you have someone else worrying about the details, “fighting fires” and dealing with any last minute dramas for you.

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