65+ Wedding Favour Ideas for your wedding reception

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Giving guests a gift for coming to your wedding might seem a little odd at first – they’re supposed to be celebrating you and giving you presents, after all. But it is a really nice way to say thank you for coming. Plus as a guest, it’s an entertaining bonus when you get to your seat and see what treat you’ve got.

Wedding favours are optional, and something I originally decided not to do for my wedding. But while I was having my hair trial and thinking about the big day, a week away, something clicked. Cookies! My husband’s nickname is Cookie, so it fit perfectly… and that’s how I found myself baking 6 batches of delicious chocolate chip cookies in the leadup to our wedding (I could’ve done it in less, except I burnt a few!).

Anyway, if you’re trying to decide on a bonbonniere to give wedding guests, I hope something on this list gives you a eureka moment like I had. Introducing… the Southern Bride’s guide to more than 50 different wedding favour ideas.

Food based wedding favours

Something to nibble on while waiting for the entree, or something to take home, food always goes down a treat.

youre the bees knees stamp for wedding favours

meant to bee honey tags for wedding favours

Gender-specific favours

You can personalised guest gifts even further with something for the women and something different for the men. Of course you can use the ideas on either gender’s list for anyone!

Wedding favours for the ladies

Wedding favours for the gentlemen

Wedding favours that do double duty on the wedding day

Make your wedding favors do double duty and pick a favor that can do some extra work on your wedding day

Other wedding favours ideas

If nothing is sparking inspiration just yet, have no fear. Here are some different wedding bombonieres…

So there you have it – more than 65 different options to get the creative juices flowing for your wedding day too. If you have another idea from what’s listed – please let me know in the comments below. I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

65 wedding favour ideas for your wedding nz idea for wedding gifts nz

9 thoughts on “65+ Wedding Favour Ideas for your wedding reception

  1. Hi there, I’m getting married in Queenstown and live in Brisbane. I want to do the sugar coated almonds (Italian Bonbonnerie) as my favours. Do you know if a place makes them in NZ as I don’t think I can bring them through customs from Aus? Thanks so much!

    1. If you can find sealed bags of them, you might be ok – you will still need to declare them but they’ll just checked they are commercially packaged & let you go (I’ve bought back cake decorating supplies from Aus for someone in NZ). Then repackage them into favour sized packages when you get here. You can buy them in Queenstown, this local shop has them: http://www.remarkablesweetshop.co.nz/product/207-sugared-almonds – I would get in touch and make sure they can cater to a wedding-sized order and have the right colour etc in stock.

  2. Some super cute ideas! My brother got married last year, he and Em had little potted succulents with “Let Love Grow” flags stuck in the pots and names tied around the pots. They doubled as seat placeholders and made great favours!

    1. That’s so cute! And succulents are reasonably easy-care, so even the non-green-thumbed guests should be able to look after them 🙂

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