What flowers will be in season for my wedding?

Nothing beats the scent of real flowers. I love it so much that one of my dreams during high school was to work as a florist. That’s why I have so much time for our clever Southern Bride Verified florist Corinne from Evergreen Elegance. I love watching her assemble bouquets and arrange flowers, it’s just like painting with nature.

I can’t help but be happy with a bunch of fresh flowers in the house.  They have so much meaning – I’m sorry, congratulations, just because – but never do you buy so many flowers as for your wedding day.

But when deciding what flowers you’d like for your wedding, where do you start?!

Easy – with your wedding date.  When your wedding is, will dictate what flowers are in season, and available to purchase.

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Why is it important to pick flowers in season?

Selecting wedding flowers in season gives you a beautiful bouquet that’ll last longer and cost you less. Or if you particularly love a certain bloom, then you might adjust your wedding date accordingly… I know I was very pleased that my September wedding could feature freesias and stock… my favourites!

If something is out of season, then your flowers are going to cost you more (if your florist can even purchase them) and they won’t last as long.  Think of how tart strawberries are at the beginning of the season, compared to how juicy and delicious they are right round Christmas… it’s the same concept.

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Wedding flowers in season and available in New Zealand

Evergreen Elegance has helped us compile a long list of different flowers that you might select for your wedding bouquets and buttonholes. Check out the diagram below to figure out which flowers will work for you.

Remember that even if the guide below says it’s in season, flower availability varies according to the weather we are having, and the area you’re in, so double check with your florist!

There are even more flowers available that aren’t listed here, or that may be able to be imported in especially (such as frangipani), so it always pays to establish a relationship with your wedding florist early.  They know their stuff, so it’s worth talking to them about the overall look you are going for – they may be able to suggest different blooms that’ll give you a similar look.

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