25+ Wedding Guestbook Ideas

It’s often said that the photos, dress and invites are the only things left after your wedding… but there’s another keepsake from your wedding day to put some thought into – a wedding guestbook.

25+ Wedding Guestbook Ideas

The thing is, you are going to be keeping (and probably displaying) your wedding guestbook for years to come, so you want something that looks amazing now and in the future. Of course that means different things to different people, which is why I’ve pulled together a ton of wedding guestbook ideas for you today (including where to buy them).

Traditional Wedding Guest Books

While I’ve headed up this section “traditional guest books” – many of them are only traditional in the sense that they’re books! You no longer need to be restricted to the limited naff range at the local stationery store. Instead, personalised, customised wedding guest books are easy to buy and affordable for most wedding budgets. Let’s  have a look at what’s around:

These beautiful modern wedding guest books are personalised with your names and are a casebound hardcover. Swoon! You can grab gold, silver or copper raised foil.

For something a little closer to home (and therefore faster to ship), Be My Guest has spiral bound wedding guest books available. They can double as a photo album if you have a photo booth.

I’m in love with these wedding guestbooks made out of Tasmanian timbers for an elegant yet rustic finish. Your names are engraved on the front and you can select from different wood colours and book sizes.

For the couple who’ve had to travel half the world to meet each other, this wedding guest book is a lovely sentiment. You can select different countries to be engraved on the front, representing your respective homes.

This option is a traditional, elegant option for your guestbook. Simple yet gorgeous.

Wedding Guestbooks that double as art

Rather than stashing away your guestbook in a cupboard, to find every few years, why not select something that can double as a piece of art? Here are some awesome options to consider:

This beautiful frame incorporates wedding photos with hearts signed by your guests, to become a modern piece of art.

This beautiful wedding globe would be a stunning piece of art in any home – but especially if you’ve travelled half the world to meet your partner. They are customised to include your wedding colours, and you can pick the quote that’s hand lettered on the side.

These posters are a modern way to get everyone to sign a short message.

Or this set of trees could be adorning your walls, along with your guest’s signatures:

Not just a guest book, this piece of art includes a custom illustration of the happy couple:

If you’re a surfing fan – what about a surfboard that guests sign, which you then can mount to your wall as a piece of art?

If you leave thinking of a wedding guestbook till the last minute, don’t panic! There’s plenty of options out there. This printable wedding guestbook is a digital file – so no waiting for shipping!

Here’s another wedding guestbook poster, designed and made in New Zealand by Be My Guest.

The wedding guestbook thumbprint tree by Be My Guest is another option that you can arrange in a hurry – with an instant download you can edit and print. Alternatively, if you have the time, get it printed onto canvas.

Wedding guestbook dropframes

These dropframes are becoming really popular. They are usually covered in a clear plastic and personalised to include your names and wedding colours:

If you’re using mason jars in your decor, this mason jar dropbox could be the ideal match for your guestbook!

Wedding guest books for wine fans

Instead of a traditional guest book, open a bottle of wine as you reminisce on your anniversaries as you read your guests’ well wishes from your wedding day.

Grab some of your favourite bottles of wine and stick some of these labels on them.

Have your guests sign your bottles of wine and leave a message.

Useful wedding guest book ideas

If you’re a practical person, you might prefer a wedding guestbook that can double as something else.  What about starting a perpetual calendar? Simply ask guests to jot their name next to their birthday on your calendar – and never forget it again! Here’s a cute one:

This elegant option comes with a personalised cover:

If you love cooking and life is centered round the kitchen, a large white ceramic platter could be the guestbook idea you’ve been looking for. This one has been personalised with the couple’s initials and wedding date.

If you’re the crafty type, creating a beautiful heirloom quilt with squares that have been signed by each guest could become a very special wedding guest book.

Here’s one way to set up a wedding guest quilt at your wedding:

Fun wedding guestbooks

If you are both puzzle fans, this personalised jigsaw puzzle wedding guest book is awesome:

A personalised wedding jenga set is an awesome wedding guest book alternative!

Wedding Advice Cards (aka Wedding Mad Libs)

If you’re wanting something more than a signature and a quick “Congrats!”, wedding mad lib cards allow your guests to leave sentimental, funny, weird and just plain old sweet notes to you.  They help your wedding guests think of something to say, by providing prompts such as:

  • I am feeling _________________ and _____________ at the moment.
  • I am so _________ that _________ are tying the knot.
  • Let’s be honest, the reason you invited me is because______________________________!
  • The new Mr + Mrs are the most _____________________________ couple and I wish them _________________and ______________ for years to come.
  • My best date idea for you both is__________________________________.

Be My Guest has a couple of different options available straight off the website:

These larger size (A5) wedding advice cards are printed on rustic card and are personalised with your names and wedding date:

While these smaller wedding mad libs are A6, they are double sided so still hold the same amount of information. There’s also pre-printed options for same-sex weddings:

So there you have it – a ton of different guestbook ideas for your wedding.  I’d love to hear your ideas if you’ve come up with something different. Please pop your thoughts in the comments area below.

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