Wedding Invitation Proofreading Checklist

Your wedding invitation is an important piece of stationery for your wedding. It’s probably second in importance to the most important piece of paper – your marriage license!

Your wedding invitation is the first peek into the type of wedding you’re having, and doesn’t just tell them where and when to go. It also conveys (usually implicitly) the style, formality, even dress code. So you want to make sure that special piece of card is absolutely perfect, right?!  Today Southern Bride Verified Wedding Stationery Expert Amanda from Be My Guest is sharing her wedding invitation proofreading checklist with us.  This is same checklist she uses for her invitation clients!

Proofreading wedding invitations step-by-step

Finding the right wedding invitation design might have taken you hours, if not longer.  But the perfect wedding invite is not all about the design. After spending all that time hunting for the perfect design, you want your invitations to be worded absolutely flawlessly too. It’s easy to be distracted by how awesome they look when you get to see the final design with your details on it, so it’s understandable how mistakes can slip through.

The thing is, small mistakes can detract from the overall design and purpose of your wedding invitation.  Large mistakes (like the wrong RSVP contact details or even the wrong date) can cause all sorts of headaches and extra wedding admin.  By being thorough with reviewing your wedding invitation wording, you can save yourself money and time. That’s because many invitation designers charge for multiple revisions, and if you find a big mistake once it’s been printed, then you’ll be looking at reprinting your invitations – a huge time and money sink.

Wedding Invitations Proofreading Checklist

Have the below list handy while you review your wedding stationery. Some items might not apply to your specific needs, so just skip over them. While it’s designed for proofreading your main wedding invitation, you can also use this when proofreading your Save the Dates, enclosure cards, RSVP card and other wedding stationery.

Spelling & Punctuation Details

  • Grammar and Punctuation – Does it “read” properly? If you’re trying to suss out the grammar and you’re battling (and trust me, wedding invitations do have a whole set of random rules), then read the wedding invitation out loud.
  • General Spelling – Especially words that are easily confused or not picked up by spellchecks – like its/it’s, their/there, your/you’re, were/where, to/too
  • Spelling of Names – Are your names spelt correctly? What about your parents (if the parents are on the invite)
  • Order of Names – For heterosexual couples, the bride traditionally goes first, then the groom.
  • Order of Parent’s Names – If you’re including parents, then make sure the parents names are in the same order as the couple being married (i.e. if your name is coming first on the invite, then your parents will come before your partners). Father comes before mother in the scheme of things (traditionally… we all know who the real boss is…)
  • Proper Spacing Between Words -accidental double spaces or no space at all can be distracting
  • Proper Line Breaks – make sure each line breaks at a place that makes sense
  • Formatting – Make sure all the text is not too close or overlapping any of the design elements – or too close to the edges
  • Readability – Are all the fonts legible and not too small or too large (sometimes it’s better to spring for two information cards rather than jam everything onto one)
  • Consistently Written Times (i.e. 1pm, 5.00 pm, 2 in the afternoon)
  • Consistently Formatted Numbers (if you’re going to spell out the date in numbers, all numbers on the main invitation should be spelt out)

P.S. If you don’t have the time to go through each of these options step by step now, why don’t you download the free wedding invitation proofreading checklist below? It’s a printable PDF form, so just download it and print it out, ready for when you have time to go through your invitations carefully…

Download the Proofing Checklist

Email list subscribers can download the printable wedding invitation proofreading checklist for free here - pop your info below to download your own copy straight away.

Wedding Details

Noone knows your wedding like you do, so don’t skip checking anything on this list!

  • Correct Wedding Date – pretty self explanatory
  • Day/Date Correct – Does the day match up with the date?
  • Wedding Date Formatting – If you’re formatting your wedding date with numbers, will there be any confusion (i.e. is 1/6/2018 the first of June 2018, or the sixth of January 2018? If you have guests from around the globe, the kiwi conventions might not apply)
  • Correct Time of Ceremony and Reception – for obvious reasons, I would hope
  • Correct Addresses – include the street address for both ceremony and reception places, either on the main wedding invitation, or if you have room, on a separate information card.  Type the address into your GPS and check it comes up as expected; many guests will do the same on the wedding day
  • Have you Included the City? Out-of-town guests might not be familiar with the suburb
  • Are all Contact Details Correct? Ring phone numbers, test emails, look up websites that you’ve used
  • Skip the Postcode – that’s for posting letters, and your wedding guests aren’t writing letters to your ceremony site
  • Photos – if you’re using photographs, make sure you’ve provided a high resolution photo that’s not stretched or skewed (and make sure your designer hasn’t stretched or skewed it either, yuck)
  • Directions – are they correct and easy to follow?
  • Maps – Do they include the important landmarks?

Guests and Mailing Details

  • Are all Your Invitee’s Names Correct (Note: you might check these after you’ve confirmed the wedding invitation design is correct – Be My Guest clients do, for example).
  • Are all Your Invitee’s Addresses Correct and Formatted Properly?
  • Have you Included Postcodes (resending invitations is another cost you don’t want to fund)
  • Have you Included a Return Mailing Address – and is it formatted correctly?
  • Envelope – Is your envelope big enough to fit the wedding invitation and all pieces in?
  • Postage – How many stamps will your wedding invitation take to post (lots of people get caught out and order A5 invitations, which use C5 envelopes. These bigger sizes take 2 stamps to post. 99% of Be My Guest wedding invitations come with envelopes that’ll fit the invitation you’ve ordered, and only take one stamp to post… unless you put something really thick in the envelope.)

RSVP details

  • Postcode – Include the postcode if you are asking for postal RSVPs – we want no excuses for why those RSVPs haven’t arrived!
  • RSVP date – around one month before the wedding. More tips on setting your RSVP date here.
  • Guest Names: Do you have a spot on the RSVP card for guest’s to write their names?
  • How do Guests Send Their RSVP? Have you included how guests should return their RSVP? Note: it might be tempting to pop down your address, phone number, email, text messaging details, smoke signal etc… but the more options guests have, the more overwhelmed some get. Keep it simple and say one or two ways, tops.

Proofreading tips for a perfect wedding invitation

Now that you’ve given everything a once over, get a detail orientated friend to go through this list with your wedding invitation too. When you know what’s coming next, it’s easy to skim over words or fill in the blanks when something is missing. Having a fresh set of eyes take a look is my number one tip.

If you’re feeling anxious about potentially missing something, ask for a hard copy proof.  This might cost a bit extra and take a bit of extra time, but it can be easier to spot mistakes on a print out versus looking on your computer. It can also give you a bit more confidence that you’ve made the right choice in physical attributes of your invite, such as colour, size and card.

Do you need more help with your wedding invitations?

Sussing out wedding invitations is usually a one-time thing, so it’s no wonder you’re feeling a little lost. But never fear – I’ve written a ton on the topic (I’ve been doing this a few years now, kiddo).  Here’s some other articles to read:

Download the Proofing Checklist

Email list subscribers can download the printable wedding invitation proofreading checklist for free here - pop your info below to download your own copy straight away.

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