When should the bride have their wedding makeup done?

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It is regularly put out there that when prepping for the wedding, the bride should wait till last for her makeup to be done. It sounds right in theory – her makeup will look fresher, right? Of course, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know what happened to me when I was kept till last (here’s a hint – I was 45 minutes late). Not only that… Sophie Chalmers from Harmony Skin and Beauty believes that going last isn’t always the best plan of attack… and she might know a thing or two, since she is New Zealand’s Beauty Therapist of the Year (2015/16)! If being last in line for the makeup artist to do her magic isn’t a good idea – then what order should you be getting your makeup done in?

When should the bride have their wedding makeup done?

When planning out your wedding day timeline, trying to juggle the order for who is getting hair and makeup done and when is a fine art. So I asked Sophie from Harmony Skin and Beauty what she recommended, and here’s what she had to say:

We always like to suggest that the Bride has her makeup done right in the middle of the bridal party and her family. This is really important, as you don’t want to be first finished and rushing to get into the makeup chair early in the morning, but you also don’t want to be last and worried about being finished on time.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone is ready around you as you have your makeup applied, and you still have to get into your dress and enjoy one last glass of bubbles before you head out the door!

That makes complete sense, right? What happens if someone needs their makeup done but they have to leave for the venue before you (like an usherette or a sister not in the bridal party?) – not a problem, Sophie says:

If anyone having their makeup done is needed somewhere else at a certain time, make sure to let your makeup artist know in advance so they can work the morning around them.


That’s the brilliant thing about hiring professionals – they do the planning for you, taking the stress off and letting you enjoy the day. Like Sophie says, “This part of your wedding day is relaxed, fun, exciting and you should enjoy every minute!”

As I mentioned earlier, it’s common knowledge/practice to go last. But in my case it certainly didn’t work out, and Sophie said she finds that it can cause undue stress:

From experience in the past, going last can be the most stressful option –  bridesmaids are starting to get into their dresses (which you really want to see!), family is usually kicking into organisational overdrive at the same time, and all the bride wants to do is put their dress on and have a few pictures taken, rather than have us applying makeup!

But what about getting ready photos?

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So… what happens if your photographer is arriving at the tailend of your makeup to get a few of these beautiful glamour shots? It’s simple – the bride can jump back on the chair and get the makeup artist to pop on a coat of lippy. This way you avoid the stress of being last, and trying to direct everything from the chair. (and who really wants a photographer capturing your facials while a makeup artist puts eyeliner on!)


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