Finally: Wedding Planner Book & Templates that are super-useful & relevant!

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The primary goal of Southern Bride is to provide super-useful, practical wedding planning advice. I do this by dishing out down to earth advice that’s tailored towards New Zealand brides (although I have lots of lovely brides from around the globe too – hi!).

The reason Southern Bride has been so successful, is because I answer real-bride worries and questions. We tackle shitty situations, awkward ones and sometimes a bit boring ones… but if I can help relieve your wedding planning stress in anyway – it’s worth it!

One question that has popped up: What’s a good wedding planner book?

One request that’s come up a few times is a recommendation for a wedding planner book. And I haven’t been able to help. Honestly, the books that I looked at to recommend sucked. They tried to be all things to all brides everywhere, and were incredibly northern-hemisphere-centric. They were ugly. They were impractical (which is the complete opposite of my blog’s ethos!).  So I’ve never been able to recommend a go-to wedding planner book, until now…

Little White Book Wedding Planning Diary

The little white book: a wedding planning organiser, diary and keepsake journal

I am really pleased to not just recommend, but to be selling, the little white book (that’s how much I love it). It’s seriously good – and I’m really proud of Megan from She Said Yes.  She designed and self-published the little white book when she couldn’t find a diary on the market that ticked all the boxes for her own wedding planning.

The little white book is incredibly beautiful.  It helps you countdown to your wedding with all your wedding planning logistics covered: checklists, diary/journal prompts and appointment tracking. It’s a beautiful keepsake that you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. The little white book:

  • looks after all wedding planning logistics (e.g. guest lists, budget, venue appointments and contacts, other vendor meetings, honeymoon planning)
  • has wedding checklists at various months
  • holds a 12 month diary (1 week per double-page spread, then 1 page per day in the final week)
  • with lots of note and blank pages
  • is a beautiful keepsake that you’ll look back on in years to come

Learn more about the little white book here.

What makes this wedding planning diary even more special is that it’s one half of a set… and I’ve had a hand in the other half!

Megan approached me about the wedding planner book she was developing, earlier this year. I fell in love with the concept immediately! It was about this time that I was developing (very slowly…) a pack of wedding planning templates and resources.  Then Megan made a suggestion: two heads are better than one. Why don’t we develop the wedding planning templates together, to complement the wedding diary? Genius!

wedding diary

The little white wedding planning pack

It’s with absolute confidence, pride and excitement that I introduce the little white wedding planning pack:

little white wedding planning pack - wedding planning templates

The little white wedding planning pack starts you off with the most important (but difficult) aspects of wedding planning. It is the guide to the foundation steps you use to build your wedding on. It provides questions to ask your key wedding vendors (including venues, photographer, celebrant, caterer and more), budget spreadsheet to help keep track of your money, and to help you figure out how much to spend on what, and everything else you need to get started. All in an electronic format, so you can get started immediately.

In the little white wedding planning pack, you’ll find:

  • checklist of the first steps you need to undertake
  • wedding planning worksheets to help you select your wedding venue, caterer, cake maker, photographer, music/entertainment, stationer, florist and celebrant
  • a helpful worksheet to brainstorm style/theme for your wedding day
  • a wedding budget (this spreadsheet will allow you to make and stick to a wedding budget, whether it is big or small.  Helpful built-in formulas portion out your estimated budget so you can see where you could be over spending)
  • guest list planner (keeps track of guest names, addresses, counts the number of wedding invitations required, tallies up the number of guests automatically for you and also highlights those guests who haven’t RSVP’d)

Learn more about the little white wedding planning pack here.

venue question sheet

The little white wedding planning bundle

Together, the little white book and the little white wedding planning pack will help with deciding what to tackle first on the wedding checklist. There is much to organise and it feels like you have to do it ‘all at once’. It often becomes overwhelming.

Since the little white book and the little white wedding planning pack have been designed to work together, it makes sense to have them available in a package, right?  So if you’re about to launch into wedding planning, you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, or you just want to get started on the right foot – the little white wedding planning bundle is the way to go.

The little white wedding planning bundle is a package of the wedding planner book and a set of electronic templates to enable you to start planning your wedding, enjoy the process, and eliminate feelings of overwhelm.

By using the questions, checklists and templates in the little white book and the little white wedding planning pack, you set the stage for an amazing wedding that’s no stress to organise.  As you move through the stages of wedding planning the little white book will guide you, keep you on track, and prompt you to keep a diary of this very special time.

Learn more about the little white wedding planning bundle here.

Little White Wedding Planning Bundle Stacked

Want your own copy of these wedding planning resources?

If you’re as excited as I am about the little white book and the little white wedding planning pack, then check them out here.

little white book wedding planner and organiser diary

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  1. This book is an absolute must for any bride to be! There is so much to organise, even for a small wedding. Is a nice keepsake too for in the future 🙂

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