Wedding Planning on Lockdown? Treat yo’self.

I think it’s safe to say that wedding planning just got harder.

With COVID-19 disrupting everyday life for everyone, trying to pin down a wedding date is nigh on impossible – especially if you’re hoping for wedding guests to travel from overseas.

Instead of eating my feelings like I typically do when stressed, I’ve gone for the retail therapy approach, rounding out my top 10 Etsy picks for wedding planners everywhere.

I can’t promise they’ll turn up quickly with all non-essential stuff ground to a halt, but purchasing from these small businesses will give them a much needed cash bump (Let’s #StandWithSmall am I right?!) AND you’re buying future-you a present. So it’s win/win!

Keep your sparkles safe

These velvet ring boxes are a pretty option for a practical purpose

shop this yellow velvet ring box here

Or keep your engagement ring safe while you do the dishes in this pretty handmade ring dish

shop for ring dishes here

Colouring-in is supposed to be relaxing right?

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry, so you might as well have some fun. Bonus: they’re an instant download, so you can colour in (between snacks and netflix binges).

shop these instant download colouring sheets here

Write those notes, flesh out the budget with wedding planning pencils.

shop wedding planning pencils here

This mug that says everything.

shop mug here

Or prepare to get dressed into something a little more formal than PJs

shop this tshirt here

Of course, you’ll need a wine glass to go with your t-shirt

shop this wedding planning glass here

Get organised by buying some of those smaller bits and pieces

Like this garter set – so pretty!

shop this garter set here

Or a lace robe for getting ready… and the morning after

shop this lace robe here

When your day finally arrives, make sure your rings make it down the aisle with this pretty ring pillow alternative

shop this wedding embroidery hoop here

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