Wedding Planning for Shy Brides & Grooms

You’re planning your wedding and looking forward to the most wonderful day in your life. Actually, no you’re not.

Wedding planning for shy brides and grooms has got to be one of the most stressful jobs ever. You want your wedding to be perfect, but you are not relishing the fact you will be centre stage for it. You’d love to elope somewhere but your fiancée would like a full-blown wedding.

Relax. We’ve put together our guide to wedding planning for shy brides and grooms specifically for you. It’s full of useful tips ready for you both to pick up and run with. Let’s get into it …

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Tips on Wedding Planning for Shy Brides or Couples

Crowds and public speaking are not high priorities for you. In fact, it’s fair to say you’ll rather bungee jump off a bridge than toast your bridesmaids at your wedding.

Being an introverted bride certainly has its challenges. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your wedding easier for you and your fiancée.

Wedding planning for shy brides

  • Keep things small – you don’t need to invite 400 guests to have a great wedding. Some of the best weddings are small and cozy. Consider just inviting your closest family members and one or two friends. This will ensure you get to spend quality time with all the important people and not those token guests you’d feel you had to invite.
  • Avoid the head table – you and your new husband or bride may be the stars of the day, but don’t feel you have to be the focal point every second of it. A head table is the equivalent of prime real estate at your reception. Everyone will look at you because that is how the tables will be positioned. Instead, have the tables casually positioned and you choose the one to sit at which makes you feel comfortable.
  • Private ceremony – if you are worried about saying your vows in front of your guests, don’t! There is no reason why you can’t have a private ceremony with just your witnesses and celebrant present. Then once the formalities are over, you can have a reception where everyone is invited.
  • Choose a destination wedding – jet off overseas or to an exclusive resort for your wedding. It’s a perfect choice if you’d prefer an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Because there are travel costs involved, you also don’t need to feel guilty for not inviting guests to your wedding. Then when you get back, you could meet up with friends and family for casual drinks or a BBQ instead.
  • Use the I Love You Break – being the centre of attention is hard work. Come up with a secret code with your fiancée, be it a phrase or hand signal. Use this during your wedding day when you’d like a few minutes peace and quiet just with them to calm down.

There’s no reason why introverts can’t love wedding planning too! What is your best tip when it comes to wedding planning for shy brides and grooms? We’d love to know, so please tell us in our comments below.

Wedding planning for shy brides

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