Wedding Planning Summer Reading List

As we wind down to the Christmas/New Year break, I have been trying to avoid contributing to the ridiculous NOISE and pressure that is Christmas: ads, marketing emails, to-do lists, last minute absolutely urgent orders and, of course, parties.

I’ll continue the reduced posting/emailing schedule through January, to give y’all time to recover from your New Years celebrations… and to give me time to put exciting plans into place for 2017.  In the meantime, I delved into my website’s analytics and ranked the top 10 most popular wedding planning articles. These articles have been visited thousands of times – a feat I’m really proud of, considering Southern Bride was only launched in March.

Without further ado, here are the must-read blog posts for 2016 – enjoy.

Thank You Card Wording – People struggle with their thank you cards, if the incredible popularity of this article is anything to go by. The post shares a simple “fill in the blank” template to personalise each wedding thank you card.

Wedding Order of Service Wording Template – This popular post has a free Order of Service template to download, edit and print for your wedding – no wonder it’s so popular!

Make your own wedding planning folder – Get organised with your own wedding planning folder, plus some free printable to-do lists to help get started

What questions should I ask a wedding venue?  – One of the biggest decisions (if not THE biggest) is where you get married… so picking correctly is very important. This checklist helps you think of the right things to ask

Wishing Well Poems – Trying to figure out a polite way to say “give me money?”… here’s your answer

Buying alcohol for a BYO wedding – Trying to figure out how much alcohol to buy for a BYO wedding can be tricky, as the popularity of this post can attest… but this guide should hopefully help

Online Bridesmaid Dress shopping – After having a hell of a time with bridesmaids dresses personally, I was pleased to get this post out in front of my lovely readers. It’s been a popular post since

Giving Horseshoes to the Bride – some notes on when you give the bride a horseshoe, and where the tradition actually comes from

Dress code decode for weddings – what to wear –   Figuring out what on earth to wear to a wedding can be hard, so I threw together a few pointers to figure out how formal the wedding is

Adults-Only Wedding Wording – When Children are Not Invited – I don’t court controversy for the sake of it, but this question comes up so often that I *couldn’t* not address it.

65+ Wedding Favour Ideas for your wedding reception – so this is actually number 11, but it was only a half-dozen away from pipping number 10 at the post and I spent SO. MUCH. TIME. compiling this list that I had to add it in. It’s a great starting point for coming up with ideas and seeing what’s available- sometimes that’s all you need for a spark of inspiration.

Do you have a favourite post from Southern Bride from 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

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