Tips for stress-free wedding planning – from real brides


With the launch of the Little White Wedding Planning Bundle, a set of wedding planning tools to plan your wedding with, we ran a competition to win the Little White Book. To enter, you had to give a tip to combat wedding planning overwhelm. There were dozens of entries, and heaps of awesome ways to stay cool, calm and collected while planning your wedding. Today I’m sharing the best tips, straight from real brides, right in the thick of wedding planning!

Wedding planning stress relievers (that don’t include eloping)

If you’re feeling just a *little* pressure to have an amazing wedding day, check out these stress-free wedding planning tips:

Tackle your wedding planning by being organised and using checklists

Tools like the Little White Wedding Planning Bundle contain checklists, worksheets question sheets for wedding vendors. These resources are invaluable for getting you organised, focused on the right tasks at the right time, and avoiding overwhelm, as these brides-to-be know:

Wine helps! But also writing lists so not to get overwhelmed…. I leave them around for hubby to be to find also  – Hannah


LOVE the idea behind the little white book. Think it will be an incredible tool for many brides!

Once you get engaged, give yourself a bit of time to enjoy being engaged and then hit the ground running by speaking to couples that have been married recently and ask them for their most valuable piece of advice 🙂 Then purchase a tick list – NZ bride and groom magazine puts one out every year and southern bride also has a free one available at the moment (note that not everything you have to organise/decide and do will be on the list). I preferred to add to the purchased list and make a month by month plan. Set a goal that by the end of each month and then each week certain tasks are completed or decisions are made.

Don’t forget to delegate tasks to your fiance and yourself that you know are your strengths. i.e. if you are a creative person then perhaps you could design the invites while your fiance researches into bands. Lastly, dont forget to ask your loved ones for help! – Liana


Making lists and talking with close friends to get help and opinions. – Jess


This sounds exactly like what I need!! I’ve just gotten engaged and haven’t a clue where to start.. I minimise stress through writing lists and so I really need to get a wedding planner asap to keep all my information in one place! – Amy


My to do list definitely helps. And feeling like I’m starting to run out of time a little is helping me to care less about small details and small price differences, and just make the damn decision, as I’m getting sick of worrying about every little thing! – Abbie


Making lists lists and more lists. It doesn’t combat the stress completely but it does help the sense of being overwhelmed. It’s one step at a time!! – Sarah


Lists! Writing it all down makes a real difference to me . Also talking with my friend who is also getting married eases the stress 😘 – Kasey


You need to get that check list and send out invites early so guests can be made aware to save the date!! Also don’t stress too much about minor details and overspend!! 🙂 – Rebecca


Talking to friends who have been married, making to do lists and a wine always helps with stress  😜 – Aimee


Make loads of lists and get into planning early… Then it’s not so stressful!! – Kim

The advice and support from Southern Bride had lots of lovely mentions

I have really found the resources on this page useful 🙂 Best facebook group suggestion ever! – Natalie


Amanda your page has helped me a lot. 🙂 Making me feel a lot better, calmer and more relaxed about my choices so far with planning our nuptials! – Lisa


I had no idea where to start with my wedding planning til I joined this group it’s fantastic. Being part of this group, as well as talking to ladies who are also planning their wedding or recently married and writing things down definitely makes things so much less stressful. Help and resources from southern bride to keep me on track are muchly appreciated! – Zara


Emails / tips from you and She Said Yes, with chocolate on the side! – Ayla


Exercise is a great wedding planning stress reliever!

Going for walks and chatting to the lovely girls on Southern Bride helps my stress levels 🙂 – Andrea


Lots and lots of yoga! – Brittney


I like being organised. And I have tried to be, but when I think of one thing it turns into 10 other things I still need to do and I lose track. I probably have a thousand little lists around the house haha. The only way I combat the stress is through exercise and funny enough knitting (ie taking a break from it). It would be great to have an all in one list! – Liana


I run the glorious Rotorua forest trails to combat stress associated with wedding planning! – Emma

Having a supportive partner helps avoid getting overwhelmed with the wedding planning stuff

Of course you aren’t getting married alone! Your future spouse can help:

I’m the most unorganised person I know and with wedding day drawing nearer and 3 kids this would be so helpful! What helps me is my partner, he’s super organised and always happy to talk with me about any wedding stuff – Heather


Talking to my hubby to be and realising things will be ok and everything will fall into place when it’s meant to  – Hannah


I’ve only just started my wedding planning but I’m finding that writing all my ideas down or pinning them on Pinterest and talking them through one by one with my fiancé has really helped me feel less stress about planning my wedding. – Melissa


I am just beginning to feel the pressures of planning our wedding, my Fiancé is English so we are setting a date well in advance to give his family and friends plenty of time to save and book travel to NZ. So far what is helping is my Fiance and I discussing all our ideas with each other (team work is best!) and chatting to friends and family to help with suggestions etc. Usually I am quite an organised person and love my lists…however when it comes to wedding planning, I have no idea where to start and what to even consider including on the planning list!! Please help, your tips and articles are super helpful and I’m keeping them all to help towards our wedding. – Alexa


I always pillow talk to my fiancé before we go to sleep. Clearing my head before falling asleep, makes all those stressful issues disappear. I want our wedding to have both of our ideas and style, so on the day we can both feel that all that stress was totally worth it. – Melissa-Kate


My amazing fiancé helps me with the stress by co-planning the wedding and calming me down when I get in a panic ^_^ – Martha


Have a future hubby that loves spreadsheets! Honestly he’s a lifesaver  😍 – Alex


Your Maid of Honour/bridesmaids can be a great source of support too


I try to combat stress by being organized, message groups to my bridesmaids and multiple tables and spread sheets, would be great to have everything all in one place – Terri


Group chats with my bridesmaids, Pinterest & screenshots are what’s getting me through. I have lists coming out of my ears! 5 months to go 😁 something like this would be ideal to make sure I’ve got everything together and crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s – Shannon


Having fantastic bridesmaids 👍 – Rebecca


I’ve had soooo much wedding stress lately – the way I deal with it is having a good rant to my MOH – Sophia


Checklists are amazing and a really good visual way to help you plan and make you feel good about getting stuff done! But the best way (I’ve found) to battle pre wedding stress is to chat to your friends and family about it! A problem shared is a problem halved!! They can help to open your eyes to solutions you may have missed! There’s nothing your maids can’t do if you ask them! 😊 – Francesca


I plan on combating mine by getting my girls together with a bottle of wine and talk things over. It’s a fun way of organising things!! Plus preparing early and not leaving it last minute is essential 👰🏼 – Amy


Your family and friends are here to help with your wedding too, as these brides-to-be have found

I have only just become engaged but I have found talking to your friends/family/fiancé helps a lot! Also writing down ideas 💕 – Laura


Call my mum! I’m her only daughter so she is super excited and it’s so good to be able to talk through all decisions with someone who is as into all the details as me   – Rach


Talking to friends and family helps me 🙂 – Stacey


My partner and I involve family as much as we can, and ensure to make decisions at the right times however planning can be overwhelming and these resources are so helpful. – Melissa


Take your time – more time usually means less pressure to make wedding decisions (and more time to save)

I have avoided stressing about my wedding by not letting anyone else have any input. We are having a budget wedding so i have been slowly gathering things as i have seen them on sale – Karen


Taking a step back and trying to work out what we want as a couple instead of what will please everyone has been the best thing we could do ! Before this we were getting so stressed and we are still a year out ! – Jaimee


We set a date that gave us plenty of time for planning (almost 2 years) when I start getting stressed or overwhelmed I know it’s time to take a break. Knowing I can coz there’s plenty of time helps heaps! – Rowan


Take everything one task at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Then you can focus on each aspect and really enjoy it 🙂 if all else fails there is always wine! – Louise


I found researching online and getting in touch with people early has helped, it means in not stuck last minute looking for things or missing out on what we really want   – Courtney

Keep it all in perspective

At the end of the day, it boils down to getting married to the love of your life, and a bit of perspective helps these engaged people:

Whilst looking at candy for our wedding favors i found a bag of all green fruit burst, i told my hubby to be that i was getting them for “bridal sanity” Haha just a bit of a light hearted thing i’ve done for me during the process 🙂 – Alysha


I remind myself that the process is part of the fun and at the end of it I get to marry my best friend – so any stress will be worth it 🙂 – Haley


Keep it simple and low key! – Johanna


Just letting it go, going with the flow – Linda


I go to the movies with my fiance where we can laugh and have some time out. Then we can come back with fresh minds and tackle what ‘little’ issue was bothering us – Jenna


I have promised myself not to become overwhelmed with planning so when i find myself getting worked up, i take a moment to remind myself it’s my day and then ask myself (will whatever is stressing me) is it worth it or will anyone even notice on the day. And of course normally the answer is no – Tash


I combat wedding planning stress but remembering the day is only about ‘US’. At the end of the day nothing else matters but who my fiancé and I are together. While we are so excited to celebrate everyone with everyone else, it’s truly our commitment to each other that allows us to arrive at the alter together! Wine also helps  – Mary


If I get to a point where I am struggling to make decisions and am becoming frustrated I walk away from it and zone out on something completely unrelated. It helps to clear my head and gives me a fresh perspective when I get back to it – sometimes the same day or a week later! – Emma


This page helps a lot but really the thing I do to combat stress is remembering what the day is really about- my fiance and I becoming husband and wife and having a day of celebration with our closest loved ones! Sometimes it just takes a few moments to put things all into perspective. – Greer


To combat wedding planning stress I look at photos of my dress and put on my wedding shoes around the house 👰🏼 – Kendall


I think that there is a lot of pressure to have the ‘perfect’ wedding which causes a lot of stress, I just try to remember that I’m doing this all to marry my wonderful man and no matter what happens on the day, once we are married it will be our perfect. – Taia


We have a “day off” where we do something together and don’t talk about the wedding 🙂 – April


I’m combating the wedding planning stress by reminding myself that the only thing that matters overall is that I get to marry my best friend – Georgina

And at the end of the day – wine is always there for us…

A good Pinot Gris usually has all the answers! – Storm


Wine… And lots of it – Candy


I’ve started having wedding nightmares and its stressing me out already and we are getting married in Jan 2018, so to combat the stress, wine and myself are BFFs – Peta

Your secret weapon for wedding planning without stress

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re ready to start planning your wedding but don’t know what to tackle first, you’re not alone. This overwhelm is a completely common problem and the reason for putting together the Little White Wedding Planning Bundle.

Wedding Planning Templates

In the pack you get the Little White Book – a physical organiser and diary which doubles as a beautiful keepsake to look back on.  You also get the Little White Wedding Planning Pack a set of templates, checklists and worksheets that help you establish a solid foundation of reliable wedding vendors – setting the stage for an amazing wedding that’s no stress to organise.

Learn more about the Little White Wedding Planning Bundle here.

Wedding Planning Resources

Do you have any tips for combatting wedding planning stress? Please share them below!

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  2. So many great tips and advice there! I really like yoga for decompressing. And I’m a list maker too… love ticking things off 🙂

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