Do Wedding Related Items Cost You More?

Sure, you can order a cake. It’s a wedding cake? That will be $500 extra please.

Come on, who hasn’t thought that if you put the word wedding next to an item, you pay more for it? After all, it seems to be true. A wedding dress is dearer than a ball dress. Wedding reception food costs more than dinner at the pub. Even makeup for your wedding costs you more than if it was for a special occasion.

But are things dearer because they’re wedding related items, or is there some other reason?

Why Do Wedding Related Items Cost More Money?

You want your wedding to be the stuff dreams are made of. Your dress needs to be perfect. The flowers must be white roses. Even the aisle carpet needs to be dusky pink, not rose. Sure, you’re prepared to pay for all of this, but why does it cost so much?

With the average New Zealand wedding costing around $30,000, brides and grooms often look for ways to save money. In doing so, many leave off the word wedding when ordering wedding related items. They believe that if they say it is for their wedding, the retailer or vendor will up their price.

Wrong. They’re not out to rip you off. Nor do they think they can charge you the earth because you’re getting married. Instead it’s about the level of service and the quality of the item you need. For instance, a wedding cake is often larger and more intricately decorated than a birthday cake. It requires more ingredients and a longer time to cook and decorate. It’s the same with a wedding dress. As well as using more fabric, more time is required to sew and then adjust your dress to fit you perfectly. These costs are then passed onto you.

Saving Money When Planning Your Wedding

If you are in the unfortunate position of not being able to afford the wedding of your dreams, it’s time to do some serious planning. Sure, you can go ahead and purchase a dress off the rack or order your catering from the local supermarket deli. But are you going to be happy with those choices?

Instead, how about working out which wedding related items you really don’t want to compromise on and those you will. If your catering is important to you, then order cheaper flowers or grab a pre-made bunch. Host your wedding reception at your home if you’d prefer an expensive dress over an expensive venue.

One thing to be aware of, is that wedding related items do naturally vary in price during the year. With winter being less popular to get married in, wedding vendors often reduce their prices to get bookings. The day you get married also plays a part. A weekday wedding is less common, which may let you negotiate with suppliers for a discount.

While it may seem that wedding related items cost more (and sometimes they do), it is really about the cost of supplying those high quality and time-consuming items. Now, isn’t that good to know there is a reason why the word wedding makes things cost more!

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  1. Same with photography, there is a lot more planning, discussion, preparing and execution when a wedding is involved! At the end of the day, couples can choose what they want to spend their money on.

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