Wedding Speeches: How Many & Who Should Speak?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many wedding speeches? How about why we even have them in the first place? Do you need to have speeches at your wedding at all?

Wedding speeches have been a tradition from long ago, but you get to decide if you want them or not. Let’s look through your options when it comes to speeches at your wedding…

What Are Wedding Speeches?

Wedding speeches or toasts are an opportunity for our friends and family to congratulate you and your fiancé on your wedding day. It’s a chance for others to express their joy for your new life together. It’s also a way of publicly saying thank you to those who have helped before or during your wedding day.

While the origin of wedding speeches is unknown, the symbolism of sharing a drink shows you trust those around you. The term ‘toast’ itself came from the piece of bread which was put into a wine cup. It soaked up the sediment at the bottom and the cup was passed around. The person who reached the toast first by drinking from the cup became the winner.

Traditional Wedding Speeches & Their Order

Weddings are all about tradition and that’s true even when it comes to speeches. There are usually up to nine speeches at a formal wedding reception. They include:

  1. Master of Ceremonies – he or she introduces themselves, the bridal party and welcomes the bride and groom. They then announce each of the following speakers
  2. Father of the Bride – the host was traditionally the FOB as it was him who paid for the wedding. Nowadays the couple often pay for it themselves, so the FOB can be replaced by the Groom’s speech instead.
  3. Groom – if he hasn’t already, now it’s the groom’s opportunity to toast the bridal party
  4. Best Man – he responds to the groom’s speech on behalf of the bridal party
  5. Friend of Family or Best Man – a toast to the bride’s parents is traditionally given next
  6. Father of the Bride – he responds to the previous toast on behalf of himself and the bride’s mother
  7. Father of Bride – he now toasts the groom’s parents.
  8. Groom’s Father – responds to the toast from the FOB
  9. Reading of emails and other messages, usually by the MC or Best Man

As you can see, there is a lot of other family members involved when it comes to speeches and toasts at your wedding. Remember though, it’s your day! It’s up to both of you to decide if want speeches and if so, how many you would like. Tradition is only good if that’s what you want and your wedding is about what you want!




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