Grandview Gardens: Behind the scenes at a wedding venue

behind the scenes at a wedding venue grandview gardens

For this post, I’ve talked to Jo Lindsay, the force behind Grandview Gardens in Outram and Southern Bride Verified member. Her pride and joy came out as the top wedding venue in the South Island in the Southern Bride Venue Guide, and with over 250 weddings under her belt, she knows a thing or two about planning a wedding, and I consider her a mentor and friend. Here’s some nuggets of advice from Jo for you today.

Where did the idea for Grandview Gardens come from?

Image by Lisa Reid Photography


Grandview Gardens was borne from Jo’s passion from gardening and urge to share their beautiful 10+ acres with the world. Couple this with a knack for organisation and a can-do attitude, Jo has built Grandview into one of Dunedin’s most popular wedding venues – she’s already been getting enquiries for 2018.

With over 250 weddings under her belt, Jo is an incredibly experienced resource to have. You aren’t just hiring a venue, but hiring a whole service, with Jo offering décor hiring, wedding planning, and advice.  With so many weddings, Grandview has worked with its fair share of vendors, so they are able to advise on who to use and who is best to avoid.

Something I LOVE about Jo is she’s straight up and practical. You need someone who is going to be up-front and honest for your wedding day, and she’s not afraid to go to bat for her couples, having a word with vendors or wrangling people on the bus who need to finish partying for the night.

Behind the scenes at a wedding venue

I asked Jo what sort of behind the scenes work she does in the lead up to the wedding – and unsurprisingly she said gardening. But phone calls and emails to coordinate other wedding vendors is something else that keeps her busy. From being at Grandview Gardens whilst setting up for a wedding, the thing that struck me was the absolute attention to detail – ironing linens, lining up cutlery just-so, and kicking ass when necessary.

setting up for a wedding at grandview gardens

Lucky Jo is pretty onto it and organised, as another non-glamorous aspect of the venue is keeping up with all the red tape, compliance requirements and government regulations. Jo says: “It’s important to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted to ensure we have a professional and stable business”.

Thanks Jo for allowing me a little insight into what goes into running a wedding venue.

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