Should We Use a Wedding Videographer?

When planning their wedding, couples often ask if they should hire a wedding videographer. This is someone who captures your wedding day on video. It may be a stylised version they edit to music and break into different parts on a DVD. Or it could be a straightforward recording of what happens at set parts, such as your ceremony or speeches.

Why Use a Wedding Videographer?

Your wedding day only happens once. Why wouldn’t you want to record it all for prosperity?!

Wedding Videographer Kara, from Kara Jane Visuals, says, “The reason I got into creating wedding films was to create beautiful visuals that tell the love story of my amazing couples. I truly do believe a wedding film is an amazing addition to your wedding day and so, so worth it. The moving image offers such a raw and emotional connection that still photos (as beautiful and amazing as they are) don’t have – you get to see moments unfold all over again and it really can be quite magical watching it.

Other reasons why you may choose to hire a wedding videographer include:

  • Your wedding day passes so quickly and it’s impossible to see and remember every detail. A great video will help record the important moments for you, plus show you things you may have missed too.
  • Not everyone can come or is invited to your wedding. Being able to share your wedding with them helps them feel a part of your day too.
  • A video can capture the emotions and words of your wedding day. A photo can only freeze a single second in time.

Recording Wedding Videos on a Budget

A wedding video does more than capture your day. It records every tear, every hug and all the love you feel for each other.

Yes, hiring a videographer for your wedding costs money and yes, you could ask a mate to do it for free. But are you willing to lose that day forever, not being able to look back and watch it together with your kids or even grandkids in the future?

When I got married, I had friends record the wedding on my trusty old handycam. Yet I haven’t watched the whole thing through, because it makes me cringe! It’s hard to hear, the picture is unsteady, and there’s a big chunk of the speeches missing, from when the battery died. It’s only seeing the end result of my wedding video that allowed me to appreciate the value in what a professional videographer can do.

Our Southern Bride Verified Wedding Videographer, Kara Jane Visuals says, “I tell stories in a raw honest documentary style focusing on you and your people – if you are after some sort of Hollywood blockbuster I’m most likely not your gal. I want to create an authentic representation of your day with all the smiles, tears, hugs and love I can possibly fit in.” You can see exactly what Kara means by taking a look at some of the videos she has made here. 

Or come along to “A Practical Wedding Planning Evening” on 14 July, and meet Kara in person:

Kara is one of our Q & A Panelists at the event, so if you have any questions, you’ve got the opportunity to ask her advice, in person, on the night.


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