Does a weekday wedding keep the cost down?

weekday wedding

A piece of advice I see crop up on a few wedding websites is to have a weekday wedding to keep the cost down – by taking advantage of off-peak/daytime pricing by wedding vendors.  This makes sense in theory – wedding professionals would want to “book up” those slower days, right? I was curious to know if this piece of advice applied to local couples, and if the practical implications of planning a weekday wedding were worth it. Here’s what I found.

Saving money when booking your wedding date – does a weekday wedding help?

I talked to quite a few wedding professionals who provide day-of services – wedding venues, makeup artists, hairdressers, celebrants, wedding planners, florists and photographers – and they all said they didn’t charge anything different, because it’s the same amount of work, no matter what the day of the week.  While you might not save yourself some money, since it’s uncommon to have a weekday wedding, your preferred wedding vendors will likely be available (whereas some wedding vendors book up quickly in the weekends).

I did a little digging and I found that you might save a little bit on your wedding venue hire cost…maybe. I know of one venue in Dunedin at least has a lower room rate hire for weddings held Monday – Thursday.  Alcohol still costs the same, but if guests are back at work the next day they’re unlikely to drink as much or go as late -so I guess you’ll save money there too (at the sacrifice of some atmosphere).

weekday wedding to save money

Offpeak Wedding Rates do exist

An alternative to having a wedding during the week is picking a wedding date away from the main wedding season (October to March).  One of my brides asked her Queenstown wedding venue (a five star hotel) if they have a “shoulder season”. As a result, their guests are saving at least $80 per night in accommodation costs. Also it’s not unusual to see the occasional offer pop up. For example, Hannah from Alare offers a more basic wedding celebrancy package, only offered in winter.

Is it worth having a weekday wedding to save money?

Honestly? No. Not unless you’re willing to sacrifice guests and atmosphere. You will save money because less guests will be able to attend – many of them work, and taking time off for travelling to the wedding and attending may not be possible. This is great for the budget but I’m sure disappointing for you. Surely you invite guests because you want them there?

Are you considering having a weekday wedding?

11 thoughts on “Does a weekday wedding keep the cost down?

  1. This is great. I do wedding hair on location and I wonder when asked to do weekdays if it’s better pricing. I usually end up knowing the answer. I personally don’t lower my rate during the week. I do however add cost for holiday weekend. I like planning tools like this to share with my brides. Thank you

    1. Yes I know a couple of hairdressers who do something similar – especially for holiday weekends, that’s a really good point 🙂

  2. Speaking from a guests point of view I’m always a bit disappointed when I receive an invite to a weekday wedding. You’re right about a changed atmosphere / with the thought of work the next day it’s always very subdued. But money is money and with the ridiculous prices for weddings these days anything you can save must be worth it

    1. So tricky aye Julie. We’d be unlikely to attend a weekday wedding – my husband works 2 hours from home during the week so it wouldn’t just be a day or so of work he’d miss – especially if we have to travel (he works in the middle of nowhere so it’s not like he can fly out of a different airport).

  3. For my work as a registered civil celebrant, I offer discounted rates from Mon-Thurs. It’s not a huge amount (roughly 12%), but I can imagine how all the little discounts from all of your wedding suppliers could add up to a tempting incentive to have a mid-week celebration.

  4. We had our wedding on a Friday night and saved a ton of money. From our venue to our vendors, all offered discounts for doing a Friday wedding verses a Saturday wedding. We saved over a thousand dollars just by switching to a weekday. Earlier days in the week offered even bigger discounts. I would agree, less people are usually able to come due to work conflicts. I think it all depends on where you get married though. Great post.


    1. That’s a pretty good saving Faith! I def think it’s a regionally based thing, as the websites offering the “save money with a weekday wedding advice” were mainly US based, and the people I reached out to & asked if they discounted weekday weddings were NZ based 🙂

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