What Are My Wedding Registry Options?

Wondering if you should register with a wedding registry, or been asked if you have? A wedding registry is a way to make choosing a wedding gift (and receiving the ones you want) much easier for everyone.

We asked Helloworld in Dunedin to share details about their wedding registry, and we’ve added a few thoughts of our own in regards to choosing a registry.

Benefits of Choosing a Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a service provided by one or more businesses aimed at making it easier to give wedding gifts the newlyweds want. An engaged couple would register their details at a wedding registry that has the types of products or services they would like to receive. They then select the individual items to add to their wedding list, and then give their guests the link to it. Guests then select the gifts they would like to give, and the registry removes the item from the list. This prevents double-ups of gifts, as well as the need to return or exchange them as the newlyweds receive exactly what they want.

Besides making gift-giving easier and receiving the gifts you want, the benefits of choosing a wedding registry can differ between registries, including:

  • discounts
  • free gifts
  • gift wrapping
  • no double up of gifts

Not all wedding registries are created equal, so next, we’ll cover what your options are.

Choosing a Wedding Registry

In New Zealand, there are many different wedding registry options. Some such as Helloworld, offer people the ability to contribute to your dream honeymoon by adding money to a specific registry account. Others are product-related, where you identify specific products from a specific business as potential gifts or registries which have products from multiple businesses to choose from.

When choosing the right registry option for you both, consider the things you would like or need as this will help you decide which registry to go with. It is a good idea to spend time researching your options before settling on one or more registry.

Helloworld in Dunedin has two options for couples who would like family and friends to help contribute to their dream honeymoon or destination wedding. The first is where they set up their registry and password, basically having their wedding website. They share the link with others, usually by adding details to the registry in their wedding invitations.

The second option they can offer is setting up a file specifically in their Dunedin store, where people can deposit money directly by visiting the store and it remains associated with their file. The money can then be put towards a honeymoon or wedding travel as the couple wants.

For both options, Helloworld will provide a full breakdown to a couple of who their contributors are and the dollar amount they gave to make it easier to acknowledge their gift.

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