What Does a Marriage Celebrant Do?

Have you ever wondered what a marriage celebrant does? Are they able to help you with advice on ceremony locations, choosing your bridal party or even caterers?

Angela Port, a marriage celebrant from Dunedin, is often asked by her clients for recommendations on wedding suppliers as well as for help in planning their wedding ceremony. Today we’re going to look at the role of a marriage celebrant, plus share some of Angela’s tips for your upcoming wedding.

What Does a Marriage Celebrant Do?

As a celebrant, Angela believes that she performs one of the most undervalued roles on a couple’s wedding day. This is probably due to not fully being able to answer the question of what does a marriage celebrant do.

So, we’ve put together a rather comprehensive list of the duties of a wedding celebrant for you, which can vary depending on the celebrant and package you choose. You can find out more about how Angela can help you with your wedding ceremony by checking out her Celebrant Packages. The list goes something like this:

  • Initial meeting – this is when the bride and groom meet with the celebrant to see if they are a good fit.
  • Learning about the couple by meeting with them again, plus discussing with them, their ideas for the ceremony
  • Instructing the couple about the legal requirements of their ceremony, plus the documents which need to be obtained beforehand such as the marriage license
  • Helping to write vows
  • Help to create the order of events during the ceremony
  • A wedding rehearsal if required
  • Arrive early at the ceremony to ensure everything is ready
  • Perform the ceremony
  • Supervise the signing of the license by the couple and their witnesses
  • Send away the wedding license to the authorities
  • May offer MC services for the reception

Top Tips from Marriage Celebrant Angela Port

Angela finds that most of her couples are not too sure about what is needed for their wedding ceremony to occur. She takes the time to talk with her couples about what will happen and reassure them that she knows what is required and will guide them through this.

Angela confidently tells her couples that when she is their celebrant, the process of planning, writing and performing the ceremony will be the less stressful part of their entire wedding! We agree because a wedding celebrant not only marries you but also sets the tone for the entire day.

Having fun is high on Angela’s agenda for her couples and she has put together a great guide to having fun, for you to start incorporating some of it into your wedding day too. For some of Angela’s top tips on choosing your wedding cake, a ceremony backdrop, wedding themes and other fabulous ideas, check out her website today.

As a Southern Bride Verified wedding celebrant, you can be certain that Angela will exceed all your expectations!

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