What’s the Difference Between Escort Cards & Place Cards?

Ever wondered what the differences between escort cards and place cards are? Or if they are the same thing, but use different words? Well, the truth is not that far off. They kind of do the same thing, but with differing levels of formality.

So, how do you use them and do you even need to use them at all? Read on because all these questions are about to be answered …

What Are Escort Cards?

Escort cards are little cards which have the name of a guest and which table they are sitting at,written upon it. An escort card lets them choose which seat they sit on at their specific table and who they sit next to. This makes them perfect for more informal weddings. Escort cards are usually left in a group together, generally near your reception’s entry point.

In recent times, brides are using escort cards to express their creativity, have some fun with and coordinate with their wedding theme.  From paint chips to buttons, pinned up with clothes pegs, or attached to a tea cup handle with a ribbon, your options are unlimited when it comes to presenting these cards.

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What Are Place Cards?

Place cards are also cards which have your guest’s name upon it. These cards are placed exactly where you would like your guest to sit for your reception. They are used for more formal weddings, but once again, there are no limits regarding what they look like.

Brides have used place cards which are as simple as folded card stock, a single flower with a card attached or a balloon with a name upon it tied to a chair. Others have chosen more elaborate place cards such as individual bouquets, gift boxes or personalised place mats.

Should You Choose Escort Cards or Place Cards?

Well, why not choose both? In fact, many couples who are hosting a formal wedding do. The escort cards tell people which table they are sitting at, while the place cards show them their specific seat. Couples with an informal wedding are likely to omit both of them altogether.

Sometimes though, there is a third card thrown into the mix – the seating card or seating chart. This lists the names of the people at each table on a large sign at the entrance to the venue. It’s often used to see who is sitting with who, as well as being a map of where to find your table at a large venue.

Basically, which name card you go with, if at all, depends on your personal preferences. If you both like the idea of escort cards or place cards, then why not use them. If not, then don’t. To learn more, head over to read our article about the pros and cons of the different seating plan types and why you would use them. There is one more thing to consider though, they do make lovely keepsakes for guests to take home after your wedding.

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