Fun ways to ask: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Wedding planning can be a lonely business. That’s why asking your favourite girls to be bridesmaids feels like such a huge priority – it’s a weight off your shoulders. Your bridesmaids are there to bounce ideas off, help with wedding planning, and just generally have your back – so getting this relationship kicked off on the right foot is a seriously good idea. (Pro tip – having your bridesmaids sign a contract is probably not a good idea).

Today I’ve come up with a few ways for you to “pop the question” and ask your closest friends to join the wedding party.

Ask “will you be my bridesmaid?” with a sweet card and flowers

Grab a beautiful bunch of your bridesmaid’s favourite flowers and one of these bridesmaid cards from Southern Bride Verified member Be My Guest. You can even give the card to the florist to tuck in with the flowers and surprise your bestie with a flower delivery.


Personalised wedding jewellery for your bridesmaids

Jewellery or a necklace is a lovely idea as a bridesmaid gift – and it could double as the wedding jewellery for your girls. Plus it can be popped in the post relatively cheaply, so you can ask your bridesmaids who might live out of town.

The card + necklace combo below (available here) is a particular fav, because it incorporates puns, a personalised card and jewellery. Day made.

Image via PetalandPaperie on Etsy
Image via PetalandPaperie on Etsy

These Gold Leaf Initial Crystal Bridesmaids Necklaces feature a hand stamped initial disc. These ship from Australia, so they’ll be a little faster than many Etsy purchases. They’re also available in silver.

This Personalized Initial Knot Bracelet for your Bridesmaid Proposal is super sweet and thoughtful as well!  I LOVE the rose gold option. There’s a bulk purchasing option to keep the cost reasonable – especially important if you’re having a large bridal party.

A bottle of wine with wine label “popping” the question

Pop one of these “I can’t say I do without you” stickers on a bottle of wine & celebrate! You can order these wine labels in blue, black or pink here. There’s also the option to have your own label custom designed.

teal blue wine labels for bridesmaids

black wine label for bridesmaids bemyMOHwinelabel

Asking “will you be my bridesmaid” to bridesmaids who live out of town

If your bridesmaid lives a bit further afield, how about pairing a small box of chocolates or a wedding planning book with one of these cards. If you want to see her reaction in real time, tell her she’s not allowed to open the package unless she’s Facetime or Skyping you!  You could also pop one of the gift ideas from this post in the parcel…

Present your proposal with a beautiful personalised keepsake box. These  Wooden Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes include a personalized bracelet or necklace with their name or initial, calendar card with your big day date, and the Polaroid pocket to slide a pic in. Each box is hand stained and painted especially for your girl so it can be customized including the text (i.e. Bridesmaid, maid of honor, junior bridesmaid, ect)

Something fun: “Will you help me tie the knot?”

I’m allll about the puns – and these Hair ties! These are both funny (Will you help me tie the knot) and practical (unless your girls have a pixie cut!). They are available in a ton of colours too, so you can match your wedding theme perhaps 😉

Image via SymbolicImports on Etsy
Image via SymbolicImports on Etsy

Handkerchiefs kinda freak me out, but I would be so excited to get one of these… especially if you have one of those sarcastic, insult each other BFFs that will roll her eyes and gag at anything too sweet.

More Inspiration

Need some more ideas? There are some more cards, sayings and crafty ideas on how to ask your friends to be bridesmaids on my Pinterest board here.

how to ask your friends to be bridesmaids will you be my bridesmaid cards

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