How do you word your engagement notice for the newspaper?

Finally, you’re engaged! You’ve posted a ring-pic to Instagram, updated your relationship status on Facebook, and joined Southern Bride.

Now you’ve got to do the old school task of putting an engagement announcement in the newspaper (… mainly to keep your parents happy, but you’ve been secretly stalking them for ages so…why not!). Here are some engagement notice wording examples for you to steal for your own engagement announcement.

Tips for writing engagement announcements

  • Engagements are usually officially announced by a party external to the couple – i.e. the parents
  • The groom’s last name and then the bride’s last name are stated first – but the bride’s parents and/or bride’s name goes before the grooms
  • If you are a same sex couple, you can decide between you who goes first
  • Keep it short and sweet – you pay by the letter
  • If you want more inspiration, check out the announcements in your local newspaper and pinch the structure that appeals to you

engagement announcement wording example

Engagement notice wording examples

Here are a couple of suggestions for wording your engagement notice in the newspaper. The first is a traditional parents-announcing template:

(Groom Last Name) – (Bride Last Name): (Bride’s Parents) announce the engagement of their daughter (Bride First Name) to (Groom First Name), son of (Groom’s Parents)

For couples who are announcing their own engagement:

(Groom Last Name) – (Bride Last Name): (Bride First Name) and (Groom First Name) are pleased to announce their engagement to friends and family

Now, how do you write an announcement for the newspaper when one of your parents has passed away? I was asked this by a friend, who mentioned, “My fiancé never got to meet my Mum, but she is still a big part of my life, so I do want to include her somehow”.

Emily Post to the rescue – in sensitive matters like this, I always refer to my copy of Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette.  The guide suggests that yes, you do still mention the deceased parent. Here’s a (very formal) example:

Mr. Edward O’Mally announces the engagement of his daughter, Miss Eileen O’Mally, to Mr. Francis Egan, son of Mr. George Egan and Mrs. Susan Egan. Miss O’Mally is the daughter of the late Mary O’Mally.

Here’s a semi-formal way of wording an engagement announcement with a deceased parent mentioned:

The engagement of Eileen O’Mally, daughter of Edward O’Mally and the late Mary O’Mally, to Francis Egan, son of George and Susan Egan, is announced.

Another engagement announcement when a parent is deceased, and the couple themselves are announcing their engagement:

Eileen O’Mally and Francis Egan announcement their recent engagement to their family and friends. The bride is the daughter of Edward O’Mally and [the late] Mary O’Mally, and the groom is the son of George and Susan Egan.

These are just a few starting points for your engagement notice. If you opt to use any of these, or you find them helpful, we’d love to see how your engagement notice turned out – include the text in the comments below and help other newly engaged couples! If you’re having trouble, why not post to the Southern Bride Facebook group and see if they can help?

5 thoughts on “How do you word your engagement notice for the newspaper?

  1. My son recently got engaged. I would like to announce it on the newspaper using our names. The brides family is split and she has told me she does not want her parents names mentioned. We all live in separate cities so I would like to publish in our local papers only. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. How can I word the announcement?

    1. Hi Sherry, I’d say something like ” Husband and Sherry X are pleased to announce the engagement of their son George X to Leah Y.” If you’re in separate towns I’m sure you won’t cause offence – at the end of the day the purpose of the announcement is to advise your wider circle of friends of the news, and as you’re announcing it to your local community (and not theirs) it’s reasonable to skip their names (and the can of worms that might open up with a split family!).

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