Wording Wedding Invitations – a basic guide

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How do I word my wedding invitations?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I write my wedding invites?”. Something so simple can be quite deceiving… and getting your wording (and invitation) right really does set the stage for what your wedding guests will think and feel about your wedding in the coming months. So today I’m going to share some of the basic “rules” surrounding wedding invite wording etiquette and give a couple of pointers.


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The basics of wording wedding invitations

  • Start with the host’s names. Traditionally, that’s the bride’s parents.
  • Follow this with “request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter” (Yes, honour spelt with a u)
  • Then include the first names of the bride and the groom
  • If you want to include the groom’s parents, include them next (however, if they are helping to pay for the wedding, they should be up above the couple’s names, with the bride’s parents)
  • Follow this with the date and time of the wedding
  • Location goes last

Keep in mind that the above list is very traditional wording – most brides and grooms I work with have moved away from this strict format and instead use more modern and/or casual options.

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Wording Wedding invitations for Modern Families

Part of the reason so many of my couples have moved towards more modern and casual wording options is that family life is a whole lot more complex than 80-odd years ago. We’ve got to consider that many couples pay their own way, their parents could be divorced, or even not in the picture.

So if you aren’t sure, apply these overarching principals:

  • the people paying for the wedding should be listed first.
  • deceased people can’t host parties – so don’t list them on the invite. Honour them in another way (remembrance candle at the ceremony perhaps?)
  • It comes down to giving proper respect to the individuals that are hosting (i.e. paying for) the wedding, first and foremost. If you as the couple are paying for the wedding – great! You can skip mentioning your parents if you want to.
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Wording Ceremony-only Wedding Invites

If you are inviting a select few to the ceremony only, it’s not much of an issue. Simply state so in the invite, i.e. “…invited to the celebration of their daughter’s marriage for a ceremony of marriage”. Then, of course, don’t mention the reception!

Using these basic guidelines makes the wording of your wedding invites a lot less stressful.  However if you’re after some more assistance, check out our wedding invitations and day-of stationery – we are happy to help with tricky wedding invite wording!

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