Your Guide to Understanding Wedding Bouquet Styles & Prices

It’s time to choose your flowers, but with the wide variety of wedding bouquet styles, how do you know where to start? We’ve talked with Evergreen Elegance’s Dunedin florist Corrine Flawn and will share her thoughts on picking the right wedding flowers with you.

Most flowers are seasonal and only certain types are available all year round. Prices change frequently with seasons, availability and popularity, so discussing your options with a knowledgeable florist is a good idea.

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Visiting the Florist? Know These 5 Wedding Bouquet Styles First!

Your wedding bouquet is going to look gorgeous! It will complement your style of dress, match your colour theme and most importantly, fit your budget. Unlike other standard shop bouquets, wedding bouquets are created with wedding quality flowers. They also require more time in arranging each bouquet. Consequently, the price is higher, but well worth it as they’ll cope with the extra handling and fuss of a wedding day.

To choose the right flowers, you’ll need to know five important wedding bouquet styles which you can pick from. They are:


Also less commonly known as a nosegay, a posy is a small bunch of flowers and a popular choice with brides. Featuring mostly flowers, a posy is generally round and the stems are wrapped with a ribbon. Prices can start at $15 and move up to $50.

Hand tied bouquet

If you are having a rustic or boho themed wedding, then this is the bouquet for you. As a loosely arranged bouquet of mixed flowers tied with ribbon or string, prices are around $$ to $$$.

Front facing bouquet

Also known as a presentation bouquet, the flowers are arranged facing forwards, so it lays flat across your arms. Prices start from $50 $$ to $$$$.

All round bouquet

Again very popular with brides and bridesmaids, an all-round bouquet uses a mixture of seasonal flowers which match the wedding theme. Brides often choose roses because of their year-round availability, but with other flowers and foliage mixed in. Prices start around $70 and go up to around $150.

Trailing or cascade bouquet

Very time consuming to make, but simply gorgeous for a bride, a trailing bouquet looks amazing in photos. Corrine loves to use jasmine, lisianthus, amaranthus and eucalyptus in these bouquets. Prices start from around $200.

Having been a florist for over 12 years, Corrine grew up loving flowers right from childhood. As a wedding bouquet and arrangement specialist, nothing gives her greater joy than knowing the flowers she has created for her brides has made them happy.

Look through Evergreen Elegance’s Facebook page for more ideas and wedding bouquet styles, and to book Corrine for your wedding bouquet, make sure you get in early.

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